Haaaaay buddy.  It’s New Years Eve and I am PUMPED.  Last year I was on the couch with the flu, so I am definitely due for some ring-in-the-new-year fun.  I’m only bartending until 7pm NYE with New Year’s Day OFF to recover.  How incredible is that? I’ve got a hot dress, great friends to celebrate with and a certain hopefulness for 2014.

Even if we don’t intend to, we all seem to go a little harder than usual on New Year’s Eve.  Come wednesday morning I’ll be raccoon-eyed, severely dehydrated and probably in my dress from the night before.  UNLESS…unless I try to prep a little bit.

1.  Today, (Tuesday), drink water all day.  Drink it like you mean it, girl.  All of those vodka soda’s later are going to murder ya.

2.  Do some prep at home before you leave.  Set out some sweats, a huge glass of water, Motrin, makeup remover, and if you’re blind like me, a contacts case.  Nothing’s worse than sleeping in the contacts!!  Make your sure bed is good and clear and not covered with crap that you’ll have to deal with at 5am (or whenever your night ends).   I do these things sometimes before a big night out, and in my drunken stupor I still go through the motions just because it’s already laid out for me.

3.  Try to SLEEP it off.

4.  Wake up and instead of having a seriously carb-heavy breakfast, try having a veggie omelet and fruit, or something to stabilize your metabolism and not make you feel 10x worse than you already do.

5.  Reflect over the amazing night you had, think about your goals for 2014, and take this day by storm! Hopefully you can relax and recuperate.

Happy New Year’s and STAY SAFE!