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Hey all! If you’re not new to reading this blog, then you shouldn’t be new to hearing about probiotics.  But in case you are new, we’ll get you educated on a supplement that we believe everybody should be taking: Probiotics.  Now, if you take a trip to your local health food store, you will find yourself COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the amount of probiotic brands on the market.  How do you go about picking one? We’ve got one brand in particular that we’ve become fans of, and that is ProbioSlim.

First, how about some fantastic reasons why you should be taking probiotics:

    • Probiotics replace and replenish the good bacteria (yes, there is such thing as good bacteria!) in your stomach
    • They reduce uncomfortable bloating
    • Boosts immunity
    • Can improve general mood and attitude
    • Promote weight loss
We’ve also found that probiotics help to get the bowels moving, if ya know what I’m saying.  We know that remembering to take supplements can be a pain, but we highly recommend getting in the habit of taking these probiotics on the regular.  You won’t regret it!

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