There really is something truly freakin’ magical about Christmastime in NYC.  As if the city isn’t alive enough on any given day, around the holidays there is just something DIFFERENT about the air.  As always with NYC, pictures never do it justice.  You can stare at pictures of the big giant tree all you want, but unless you’re the flesh..feeling the buzz in the air..well then, you’ll just never reaalllyy get it.

And that brings me to the two things you absolutely must do if you’re visiting NYC before Christmas: Rolf’s & Rock Center.

Rolf’s: A relatively small, usually tourist-packed gem of a German restaurant on 22nd street and 3rd avenue.  This place is like stepping inside a Christmas tree.  You’ll be giddy as a kid on Santa’s lap and feel the Christmas spirit quite literally flow through you.  The famous holiday cocktails such as spiced egg nog and mulled wine are a must-try.  At 15 bucks a pop, this is not the place to get a load on.  Sip on a few rounds, catch up with your best friends, and let the happiness take over.  We were fortunate enough to all have a Monday off where we could show up early (hello, alcohol at 2pm) and grab some seats at the bar.

Overwhelming in the best possible way.

Crystina and Erica! <3 My loves for the past ohhhhhhh, 16 years.

After catching up with those two, I took a quick subway ride over to Rockefellar Center, where the boyfriend happened to be getting off work.  Again, we can take pictures all we want..but there is no capturing how it really feels to be surrounded by this beauty!

If you have the time, I would definitely wait in line to ice skate..Something worth checking off the before-Christmas-to-do-list.  We’re going to try to go to Central Park’s rink one of these days.

Hope you get the chance to visit our city! Happy Holidays.