This summer’s weather has been so flipping amazing (knock on wood), and with that comes endless opportunities for you to visit a rooftop bar in NYC.  Basically, any rooftop bar in the city is going to come with a slammin’ view.  However, some are better than others! You deserve a view that’ll take your breath away.

My absolute hands down favorite rooftop in NYC is the Jimmy at the James hotel.  You guys know my bestie Lindsay works there, so it’s definitely the rooftop bar I frequent most.  Daytime, nighttime, drinking, eating, lounging, dancing…this place is just amazing for it all.

Pictures never do this city justice, and this is just a view you really have to see for yourself.

Jimmy Soho, 15 Thompson Street NY, NY

Nextbestview – Le Bain at the Standard.   This place gets a little too Euro-touristy for me once evening hits, but for a sunset drink before dinner this place is just perfect.

In Beyonce’s voice..”Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn!”

If you’re feeling super crazy you can hop on over to the Boom Boom room, but we like to find a seat and just chiiiiill.

The Standard Hotel, 848 Washington St NY, NY

Another super chill place is Rooftop 48, where you can lounge outdoors to some good music and grab some yummy drinks and tasty food.

The views aren’t as stunning as the Jimmy, but the casual atmosphere makes up for it.

If you’re looking to get a serious buzz on and you don’t know any of the rooftop staff to hook you up with free booze, I suggest you stop at dive bar for a quick shot before heading up to the sky because prices for these places are STEEP.

Rooftop 48, 605 W 48th St

If you’ve never been to any NYC rooftop, you’ve gotta at least stop by 230 Fifth for one drink.  Again, think Euro-tourist..but with a view of the Empire State Building right off the elevator, you won’t really care who you’re surrounded by.

You’ll be thoroughly confused and outright giddy at the fact that you’ll see skyscrapers and palm trees at the same time.

Summer ain’t over yet, so get your rooftop drink on while you can!!