Every once in a while, we hit you with an Inspiration post..

Mainly to remind you that there is inspiration EVERYWHERE, and it’s not in the form of reality TV stars or those celebs that really don’t do anything noteworthy.  It’s in the women that are speaking UP and standing OUT.  I love them.

But first, a little venting…

As I was watching the Oscars and pre-Oscars show on E!, I realized just how little I care about pop culture and the whole “celebrity” world.  As someone with an interest in fashion, I WANT to be interested in the red-carpet gowns, but I just can’t be for more than a few seconds.  I can admire the dresses, sure, but I can’t appreciate the fact that a celeb is just wearing what their stylist told them to, and saying what their publicist told them to say.  Street style in NYC, however, is something to see.  It’s got so much more excitement and character to me.  To add to that, it seems that everywhere we look, from TV to newspaper covers, all that matters is whatever ridiculous crap the celeb of the moment is getting into.  I will admit, I indulge in a “rag” magazine from time to time to entertain myself on a train ride, but that doesn’t mean I want to TALK about it.  Nothing kills me more than when someone says to me “OMG, so did Khloe and Lamar split up?” – To which I reply – “Umm, is Khloe our good friend?  Who the F*CK cares?”

We spend all of our time talking about Miley’s gyrating and little to none of our time talking about the women that are making a difference.  One woman in particular is Lizzie Velasquez, who has been traveling the country and changing people’s lives with her motivational speeches.  Sometimes late at night, I YouTube her videos and sit there jaw-dropped and teary-eyed.  I am enamored with her.

Lizzie has an extremely rare condition which prevents her from gaining any weight.  She has 0% body fat and weighs 64 pounds.  She has turned her life’s triumphs into success and is touching people’s hearts around the world.  Here we are in our blissfully superficial world, while Lizzie’s faced difficulties 99.9% of us will never know and still steps on a stage with a smile.  Sometimes I feel like a narcissistic, Instagram-obsessed asshole and this chick brings me back down to Earth.  She keeps me humble and grateful.  She’s my hero.  You need to see her in action for yourself.

This brings me to my other favorite girl of the moment, Lupita Nyong’o.  Another woman who, despite being incredibly beautiful, has felt her fair share of triumphs and inadequacies in this world.  I will say, without doubt, that watching Lupita win an Oscar on Sunday night was the highlight of my viewing.  I had chills from the moment her name was called, and afterwards I knew that this speech would be TALKED about.

“When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

Come on.  Perfection.  Another YouTube spree occurred on my behalf, where I watched Lupita accept awards with the most amazing grace and humility.  She speaks to the little girls who think that their “differences” will prevent them from being successful.

We have to remind ourselves that life does not revolve around what the trouble-maker celeb of the month is doing, how many Instagram likes we get, and how much money we make.  Get inspired by the TRUTH that’s around us, in the form of other women speaking up and speaking out.