What’s your go to resource when you feel you’ve been over indulging just a bit?  You all know we love the Eat Clean Diet series by Tosca Reno, right?  But I have to say, when I’m feeling like I need to tighten my belt a little bit, it’s the original book that I run to.

I’ve been thinking about it every day since Thanksgiving, my pants are just a tad too snug for me and although I’d love to believe a little extra cardio will do the trick, it’s just not.

I recall when the book first came out.  There was a fabulous protein shake I would take to work with me everyday.  It broke my fast and kept me satiated well into the morning.  As I reached for the book this morning, I again realized what a prize I had in hand.

Why thumb through just to find the recipe?  This book is such a 101 on clean eating, I think it’s time for a refresher course.  Yes, we eat clean 90% of the time.  I still feel as if rereading what we already know just puts it in the forefront our thinking process.

I can’t think of a better time to remind ourselves of the benefits of clean eating and the tools to keep us on track.

As you can see by the well worn pages, I’ve revisited this book a myriad of times and lent it out a few times.  Oh yes, it’s like a boomerang!

If you’re interested in a copy, you can order it on Amazon.

Happy Holidays!