Hey all! Just some #MondayMotivation from us to be feelin good, ASAP ;)

1. Drink something warm.  That feeling when you have a sip of hot tea or pumpkin coffee..? Yeeeeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

2. Get OUTSIDE! There are only so many weeks of Fall before the cold, harsh winter comes barreling through – so get outside while you can.  For me, this is for a walk in Central Park.  For you it may be a hike, a pumpkin patch, a crisp walk on the beach.  Grab that drink from Tip 1 and get after it.

3.  Buy a bright scarf.  Even better if it’s a fabric that physically feels good on.  The past few days I have been walking around in a silk orange scarf – perfect for fall, and feels so good against my skin on those days where it’s chilly in the shade but sweltering once you’re in the sun.

4. Play with makeup.  In the summer, make-up is oh so unnecessary since we sweat it off 30 seconds later.  Fall is the time to bring back those dark, sexy colors on the eyes or a deep, smoldering red on the lips.  Ooooh, la la.

5.  Work up a sweat.  This does NOT mean boring yourself to death on the treadmill.  Get creative with it – Play Wii Tennis, blast Beyonce pandora and shake your ass while you clean the house, chase your dog.. whatever! Sometimes the best workouts are the unintentional ones.

And there you have it! I advise you to get started – my warm drink is already in hand..

The Fit Girls Dish