Have you been on the unfortunate receiving end of the never ending flu bug this season?  This house has been hit hard, 4 out of 5 of us, there was no escaping it.

Fortunately, I haven’t been ill since last December.  I truly believe that eating clean and working out regularly help me stave off most of what goes around.  But, when I do get sick, it seems to last forever.

In retrospect, I know how I got here, besides the obvious that is.  3 weeks into a flu bug that won’t really come and won’t really go, it was good old stress and lack of sleep.

I have to give a big shout out to Ava, I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been Ava’s writing as of late and no workout posts.  The girl has been holding down the blog fort and doing an amazing job!  I’m so proud of her!  If this was a one man show, I’d be out of business!

It began in September with 16 hour work days, 7 days a week.  I was on little sleep and still trying to go to the gym.  I thought I was doing my body good trying to maintain my workouts while in walking zombie mode.  Then one day, it caught up to me in a big way.

Monday morning 4 weeks ago I showed up for my usual 6:00am training appointment and begged not to workout.  We started and I could barely do anything.  I feared that because I was so exhausted I might hurt myself.   Igor was nice enough to suggest we do full body measurements and talk about my diet to get me through the hour.  Oh great, my weight hadn’t changed, but my body fat percentage went up.  It’s amazing how quickly your body responds to what we do.  That goes both ways, either positive or negative.  Igor assured me we could rectify this quickly by reducing my stress level and getting some rest.

Needless to say, I took the rest of that week off from the gym.  And then, I start feeling “under the weather.”  Great.  Within the first few days, I think I can beat it.  Lots of juices, vitamins and good old chicken noodle soup.  I kept the aches and pains at bay, but not the nagging cough and congestion.

Still no rest, still no gym.  I skipped my next Monday session and hoped for the best while remaining to stay away from workouts.  Feeling guilty, I attended last weeks session.  The poor greeter at the front desk asked where I had been.  I snapped and said, I’ve been working and I’m sick.  I feel terrible, I think it was my guilt of not being there.

I tell Igor I’m still not well, but I need to workout.  It was tough, and I could tell it was too much for me at that time.  Well, that leveled me.  Sore legs, making it difficult to walk and work for days, I decided it’s still too soon for the gym.

And, here we are.  Week 3 and I give my training appointment to Klo this morning.  I’m still not gym ready.  I’m slowly getting better, but I don’t want to encourage any setbacks.

We all put in so much work at the gym to maintain our health and mental wellness, it’s tough when that gets taken away from you.   We have to remember that hard work and maintain a healthy and clean diet.  Being sick doesn’t give us license to throw away our good eating habits.  When we do get back in the gym, we want to be able to tighten our muscles back up and not worry about losing those extra pounds we packed on.

Imagine if I fell into that mindset not knowing I’d be ill this long?  OMG, I’d be huge right now!

If you do find yourself feeling under the weather, take care of yourself.  Know your limits.  There’s no shame in listening to your body.  This has forced me to schedule myself off from work on Wednesdays to get some downtime.  Obviously, me waiting for a day off to magically appear wasn’t working.  The gym will be there when you get back on your feet and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running!

This beauty was one of my lunches at work.  Look for the recipe soon on the blog.