Hello friends! Let’s counteract that great Farmer’s Market  post from earlier today with a great boozy post now.  :twisted:

So after a hellish, long day of bartending I got to thinking about how my life is lacking that “fabulous” factor lately.  Lots of work and lots of bars leave me little time to get dolled up and do something great.  I live in New York City, damnit! This is unacceptable. Fabulous is always around the corner, or in my case only a phone call away ;)

Got in touch with Lindsay (my paparazzi shot!)  to tell her that I need to get dressed up and feel pretty and grab cocktails, ASAP.  She then suggested the Jimmy.  Rooftop bar = just what I needed.

Before heading home I stopped at Sephora because I forgot my makeup bag in CT, remember? Perfect excuse to spend my lame earning’s that day on some new goods.

Later, we gypsy cabbed like Jay-Z downtown to Cafe Noir for some tuna tartare and a Grapefruit Margarita (delicious and made with “skinny” ingredients) before heading up the 18 flights to the Jimmy.

I took some pics, but as always – pictures NEVER can show just what it’s like to walk out to a view of an NYC skyline.  Especially since said pictures are coming from my iPhone.

Moet & Heels :)

Lindsay’s man taking care of us..

..And some semi-attractive broads.

All in all – a Top notch NYC night: Champagne, good company, and a rooftop view.

And now that this post has taken me a hundred years to complete, thanks to Britney Takeover on Fuse (damn you Brit and your smoking’ hot bod’s distractions), I have to get on with my day.