Yesterday was the perfect day outside, it really was.  I threw on my workout gear and stopped by the park to enjoy some Pumpkin coffee and start a new book.  Since I was headed to a workout afterwards, I also had a peach Chobani topped with some granola I happened to have in my bag to hold me over.  The hour or so I was there was complete bliss.  The peanut butter, banana and apple butter sandwich I had post-workout was also * bliss*smack dab in between two pieces of bread.  It’s times like these where I am glad I work at night..

 Not too shabby, huh? I have yet to get too fair into Gone Girl so give you my opinion, but I will let you know soon!

Anyway, now I have the day/night off and am off to CT! Lately I have been visiting CT a lot, because I know that once football season is really under way there will be no chance for me to visit the good ol’ country. Ha! Lots of fun stuff planned with the mama today, so we’ll update you soon!