Hey ladies.  So it’s time to talk about some “clean beverages”.  Alcohol, that is.  As we’ve mentioned before, there are many occasions we will toast a drink to, like…finishing work for the day.  The last thing we want to do is pack on calories that we’ve been working hard to keep at bay all day, right? Right.

When ordering your drinks, always keep sugar and salt amount in mind.  You know to try to steer away from beer (unless you have a sincere love for the stuff and just need one from time to time – AKA ME) because of the obvious calories, but what about the less obvious belly bloating choices? For instance, you’re at a restaurant and checking out the cocktail menu – there’s tons of delicious looking drinks, however the recipe calls for a syrup, or even a flavored vodka.  Know what that means?! SUGAR.  The sneaky little devil sugar.  Is a dirty martini the drink of your choice? I agree it is SO yummy, but those olives and olive juice are loaded with salt.

Take it from someone who bartends – anything that comes from a soda gun is no bueno, unless it is of course plain water or club soda.  Red bull? SUGAR.  Cranberry? SUGAR, and lots of it.  Soda’s are out of the question.

The drink of choice I have these days is Vodka Water’s with 2 fresh squeezed lemons.  Tastes delicious which is both amazing and at the same time very dangerous.  Pace yourself, chickadees – you barely taste the vodka.

What a harmless looking glass of ice water, huh? ;)

Wino’s, never fear..your favorite beverage of choice is OK too, as long as its in moderation.

And of course, we have the Skinny Margarita.  Regular margaritas suck because the sour mix is awful for you and the lime juice is syrupy as hell.  The best way to order a “skinny” version of a margarita at a bar is Patron on the rocks with triple sec, club soda, and 2 fresh squeezed limes.  As with the vodka waters, be verrrrry careful when drinking this lethal tequila beverage;  It is so very easy to turn into a psycho bitch thanks to the Skinny Marg, AKA the “ScaryGirl Margarita”.  Not that I would know anything about this.  Psh.

What’s your “Go-To” drink at the bar? Share some “skinny” drink ideas with us!

P.S: The term “Scary Girl Margarita” must be credited to my step-father Mark, who unfortunately has seen said psycho bitch persona on more occasions than we would like to admit.

We’ll talk soon Ladybirds.