Holy BeJesus.  I am about to find this Ground Hog and beat him senseless.  He clearly does not know what he’s doing and should NOT be in charge of dictating whether Spring is early or late.  If you’re here in NYC or any surrounding area, then I imagine you are feeling the same way I am – run down, sick of snow, unmotivated to work out..etc.  I’m thinking back to those few days in Miami and LA when I was truly GRATEFUL to be in the presence of sunlight; Haha, how sick is that?! Last St. Patrick’s Day it was 70 degrees and I was running around in a t-shirt.  This year there was 2 inches of slush on the ground.  It’s getting to be a bit much.

With that being said, Spring will be here BEFORE WE KNOW IT.  You know Mother Nature – she’s always trying to pull a fast one on us.  What if one day we’re bundled up in the cold eating donuts and drinking frothy lattes and then the next day it’s time for shorts and we’re worried about the cellulite crawling up our legs? I fear that the switch in weather will be just that fast.  You’ve gotta Think Spring right now, baby! As hopeless as it seems…

This time last year I was in fantastic shape.  In fact, I was in better shape than I was over the summer.  This year, I’m so out of whack at the gym, sucking down Emergen-C to fight off an impending cold, and trying to convince myself that we will, in fact, see the sun again.

Here’s some tips on how to Think Spring:

1. Schedule workouts.  Make a schedule – right now! Try to get at least 3 solid workouts in throughout the week.  Take classes if you have to (which is what I always turn to when I have zero motivation to go kill it on my own).

2.  Give up something you love for a short period of time to prove that you’re committed to yourself.  Guess what I haven’t had in 5 days? CHEESE.  I know, I know – unthinkable.  But it’s really becoming important for me to keep a promise to myself.  Cheese is one of the few things that REALLY bloats me (same affect as beer) and takes a long time to melt off my stomach.  Spring is about establishing new gold and staying committed to them.  

3.  Shop! I mean..I thought buying all these shorts would keep the snow away, but I was sadly mistaken.  Either way, trying them on and buying them sureeeee makes me want to have some killer legs and booty come warmer weather!

4.  KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.  We’re going to be so damn happy when Spring is finally here, so just keep that thought in mind.  I feel like Peter Pan –  ”Just think LOVELY thoughts”.

Think Spring, mama.  You can do it.