…in iPhone pics




A mom-cooked meal.

Tomatoes from the backyard! Dang.

New hair.

Mom’s diamond ring and fresh mani.  And Malbec..duh.

Went to a delicious dinner at UES’s La Pulperia with mom, Mark, Ali and my friends Andrew and Meredith.

(quinoa salad and lobster tacos)

Desserts on da house.

My women.

Another slammin’ dinner at Morandi in the books.  This was a pork shoulder special and I can’t tell you anything else about it, except that it was GOOD.

Amazing night off from the bar with my lifelong friend Erica and our men.

Intense game of darts.

Boathouse at Central Park.  Perfect day.

Catching up with Zoe :)

Loving the fall<3