Ahhh, Valentine’s Day, where do I begin?

For such a simple holiday, it holds so many expectations.  Let me give you my first disclaimer here, this may not be the most upbeat post.  That’s because I personally haven’t had the best V-day experiences.  Fundamentally, I’m curious as to how you guys deal with this self imposed “most romantic” holiday.

Think about it, if you’re a new couple, are you waiting with baited breath to see what your new guy will do.  Will he give you flowers?  Will he wine and dine you at a swanky restaurant where you didn’t have to make the reservations?  Is there jewelry in your future?

If you’ve been in a long term relationship, are you hoping for a romantic proposal complete with your dream engagement ring?

What if you’re single?  There should never be a day that makes you question whether or not you need to have a mate.  Unwittingly, Valentine’s Day can make the most secure person long for a soul mate if only for a day.

What about the girl?  OMG, I’m not a sexy vixen by any stretch of the imagination!  Are we really supposed to invest in lingerie we’ll wear for a hot second if it’s well received?  I mean how awkward!  Where do you setup?  Are you sprawled across the bed looking for the position that shows you off best?  Do you turn on the tunes and dance like you’re Beyonce if you’re lucky?  Do you jump under the covers and do an unexpected reveal?  Oh the pressures!  No thank you.  More power to the chicks who can pull it off and enjoy it, I envy you.


Disclaimer number 2:  Mark is a great gift giver and thoughtful romantic partner on the majority of every other day throughout the year other than a holiday.  He gets consumed with pressure, becomes a recluse the week before and mumbles under his breath about the impending day.  Way to suck the life out of an otherwise exciting day.

Personally, I just want a partner that doesn’t complain about the day!  I absolutely adore holidays!

I’m a gift giver and a good one at that.  I don’t give to get.  I give because I love giving the gift that makes someone happy and shows I was thinking of them.  A gift for me would be great, but I’ve got great gifts to give and seeing him happy is enough for me.  But, when Mark, true to form, starts to stress out about an impending big holiday and exclaims, Valentine’s Day is coming, my son’s birthday, it literally knocks the wind out of my sails!  It happens every holiday, my birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  I tried to preempt it this year after Christmas by begging him not to let another holiday get the best of  him.  But no, I had to hear it this weekend.

Want to know what I have planned?  Instead of an expensive dinner, I’m going to take him to our neighborhood restaurant that has just reopened since December.  Shout out to Seabreeze!  Casual and low key, BYOB, I’ve got a great bottle of Veuve Rose that’ll jazz up the gourmet pizza.  I have a ring for him.  Mark lost the “I promise to never marry you” ring we purchased in November, I immediately reordered the same ring complete with engraving.  A ring that has since been discontinued, but the gal at Tiffany’s helped me track one down.

I think some men don’t get that holidays take planning.  I’ve been working on this since January.  Spontaneity is awesome, but if it’s not working in your favor, let it go.  My hope is that we spend the day happily together, he enjoys what I’ve done for “us” and let’s go of the pressure.

Hell, it really is just another day!  I hope your day is a beautiful, happy and romantic one, even if you have to buy yourself a bottle of champs and some beautiful flowers!

I would love to hear your stories though, please help me laugh about all this! ;)