Hey guys and gals.  So obviously summer is in full swing, and the constant leaving-NYC-on-the-weekends thing kind of inspired my idea for this post.

We can all agree that we are our best “selves” in the summer, right?  We’re less stressed, free spirited little animals just trying to live every moment like it’s our last (not only that, but we know EVERYBODY looks better with a tan).  We’re getting a fun buzz on during the day, we’re staying up all night, we’re taking a million pictures and capturing every memory to savor.

Mudslides: So bad but soooooo, so good.

The next day we’ve got the sun in our eyes, the smell of the surf, and the feel the sand between our toes.  Unfortunately what comes with that beach day is the inevitable hangover from one-too-many cocktails over one-too-many-hours, along with a fantastic pooch in my bikini that brings me faintly back to the night before where my friends and I were literally shoving chicken drum sticks down our throats and forking tuna salad out of a bowl until it was all gone and we all guiltily looked at each other like “Did we just do that? Did we even breathe while we ate that?”

While I’m taking off my cover-up, I feel like a dehydrated and exhausted beached whale.  It hits me that this feeling is the result of a weekend binge, both on food and alcohol..and while the times were good, I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself.  Week after week during the summer, I almost look forward to coming back to NYC on Sunday nights to regain some structure and control in my days.  A trip to the grocery store, a few gym sessions, veggie-heavy meals, lots of water..Monday through Friday I’m working hard to un-do the weekends damage.  But then the weekend is back with a vengeance, and the vicious cycle continues.

I’ve talked to many friends who go through this same issue in the summertime (the struggle is real), and we whole-heartedly agree that the only thing that’s missing here is MODERATION.  We all know it’s true.  No reason to beat ourselves up, but let’s face it: We binged..Woops.

Summer is not about deprivation; it’s about living it up b*tches.

Things I love: Cheese, bread, Rathbone’s french fries, pretzels, chocolate, beer (or wine, or vodka, or tequila, or ok let’s face it any alcohol will do)

Things I refuse to give up even in the summer: everything listed above.

Here’s the thing: In the summer we SHOULD be care-free, but we should also be smart and prepared.  Going away for the weekend? Pack nuts, protein bars, etc. so that when those drunken munchies hit you later you won’t eat something you regret.  Drink tons of water throughout your day drinking, especially if you’re in the sun all day (trust me you will be so thankful for this the next day, and don’t worry-you’ll still be feeling loose!)

After all, it is the summertime baby.  Be active when you can, live it up, have a drink, get good sleep, cherish the times.  A healthy lifestyle isn’t a strict one, it’s a moderate one.

Good luck on your next binge ;)