Oh My Gosh – I have GOT to take my computer to the Apple store! It’s crazy slow lately, and I’ve got to see what’s up.  Half the time I try to work on a post, my computer freezes for what feels like forever, preventing me from actually getting to work on it.  I haven’t done an update in a long time also, so it could be that..? Anyway, it’s working for now so let me get right to it.

My Wednesday was pretty much amazing.  I had a great workout at Pure Barre, followed by hours to kill before going to dinner.  I decided to walk home from the Upper West Side (I’m on the Upper East), and obviously the best way to get home is walking through Central Park!

I’m sure it seems like I’m always at CP, and that’s pretty much because I am.  In fact, I’ll be there again with Lindsay tomorrow trying to catch a tan in this 90 degree heat!  We’ll see how long we last..

This was taken in front of the Met once I finally made it through the park! Another favorite area of the city for me.

Sheep’s Meadow is THE spot to lay out, pass a football, have a picnic, take some photos, etc.  As with anything in the city, no photo can actually do it justice.

I literally stumbled upon the Central Park Boathouse on my way home and thought “Oh man, I absolutely have to stop and have drink”.  It was fantastic.  I had a glass of Rose (post workout – whoops..although I did have a banana and green juice first! ha), and just relaxed at a table in the sun and watched the row-boaters and foreign tourists mill about.  My friend Erica texted me to see if I was around juuuust as I sat down for a drink..so it was going to be a solo little afternoon for me! I called my mom and told her about my morning (exciting news I will share soon!), and when my phone was dead and my glass was empty, I finished the trek home (pit stop at Whole Foods).

BTW: This city continues to blow my mind..I never, ever get bored and its certainly one of the only places in the world where you can spend the ENTIRE day by yourself and not feel the least bit lonely.

Later, celebratory Prosecco, sake & sushi was in order! We went to KO sushi on the UES, and it was so, so good and reasonably priced.  I’ll definitely be back.

Random: How simple and satisfying are berries?  The perfect little summer snack when paired with some yogurt and granola.

I have been eating such fun & healthy meals lately, but have made no efforts to take photos of them! I’ve been grocery shopping like crazy..I pick up a few things at least every day haha.  I have Invisalign now though (another post to come on that), and so I think that by the time I deal with the hassle of getting my second set of teeth out, the only thing on my mind is actually shoveling the food into my mouth – not taking a picture.

I did, however, find it so important to take a picture of this brand spankin’ new tub of Smart Balance butter.  I don’t know why, but I just love the look of brand new tubs (tub of butter, jar of peanut butter, tub of Greek yogurt), and they always look so perfect that I almost don’t want to dig into them!! So weird, I know.  Of course, hunger always wins anyway, and I enjoyed this Flaxseed Oil butter smeared on an Ezekial cinnamon raisin English muffin.  Mmmm.

It’s almost Friday! Hope you all are having a great week, and getting the chance to see some of the sunshine.

I’m off to work for the night..