Heyyyyyy Friends.  It’s Monday. [womp]

When I last left you guys I was out the door on the way to Target.  And ohh man, let’s talk about Target.  I feel as though there is nothing I ever NEED at Target, only everything that I want at Target.  Do you feel the same?  The last time I went was to purchase a cooler for all of my upcoming (aka, only wishful thinking) day trips to beach.  I spent $113.00 that day, and that cooler has never been used.  Catchin’ my drift?

Yesterday was no different.  Target = happy place for me, so when a friend called me yesterday to say that they were going to NYC’s one and only – I was like “Ummm yeah, come scoop me.”

Did I leave empty handed? Eff NO.  Did I need a gym bag? Probably not.  Hell, I don’t even have anything I carry to the gym.  So I had to buy some stuff to carry in my bag to the gym, Duh.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bars (Deeeelish), Resistance bands, and Kashi trail mix bars.

After Target, we stopped into Famous Footwear, where I was on the hunt for some new Nike’s.

Hmmm, look at that.  They match pretty darn well with my new bag ;)

I wanted to find all neon sneakers, but the selection was limited.  Oh well, these were majorly discounted!

Sidenote: I know I seem like a crazy shopalohic these days, but I really am so good with managing my money.  If I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t spend it.  Sometimes a girl just has to SPEND.


After that fun little shopping trip, it was time to head out to Jersey for one last outdoor BBQ!

To hold me over for the ride, I stopped home and made a delicious Brad’s PB, banana, apple butter & apple sauce sandwich.  Damn, this was good.

When I arrived I was greeted by a sick backyard with an in ground swimming pool, tiki bar, massive TV’s and chill people.  Some beers, some food on the grill – it was a nice time.

Guess who brought the cllaaaaamss?


Yesterday was spent bartending – the Jets LOST – (aka I lost $50 because I put a bet down thinking I was a badass), and then I just crashed out and caught up on my trashy reality tv! #RHONJ

Now I’m up and off to a class at the gym to kick Monday off right! Talk later, gals.