Hey all! I don’t have much to say today, so I’m going to let the poor-quaity iPhone pics do most of the talking.  Thanks for your understanding..love ya, and thanks for stopping by.  ;)

I arrived at Mom’s beach house in CT to cloudy skies, and since my major plans to float on a 6 person raft and indulge in a Miller Lite were shot down, I found myself on the couch getting smothered by 2 snuggly mutts.  I’ve never felt more loved than in that 10 minute “Welcome Home” from the two pups.

Later Mom, Mark, Tyler, Brenner and my girl Stacy and I walked just a few doors down to Seabreeze to get an amazing dinner.  What we ordered: Mussels in garlic and oil, broccoli rabe & sausage pizza, seafood gazpacho, linguine and shrimp..the food was the BOMB DOT COM and I will be jonesing until the very minute I get back there.  P.S. Thanks Sta for hooking your girl up with the Sauv Blanc! P.P.S., this place is BYOB as if it could have gotten any better.

Someone’s drunk.  Or drinking water out of a wine glass because he’s just too bougie.

We were bumming it on a Saturday night and couldn’t be happier!

The next morning….Damn, whoever said the best things in life are free was not kidding.  Water is my holy grail after a few bottles of wine!

Our neighbor Buddy hopping on Chloe’s board for some chill time! Showoff.

Who said Meatballs?

Chlo and I went over to the Improta residence for a greatly welcomed Italian meal that grandma made.  My friend Ashley also came by which was awesome.

Low tide at this beach is no joke.  I was so full from our dinner and needed to walk it off, so I popped the ear buds in and became one with the ocean for an hour or two.

An old locket of mine that I found.

Monday! Finally, no more clouds. Got a full beach day in :) I stayed put most of the day with the exception of going to get lunch with the boys.

Later, Chloe and I hit up Whole Foods and she came home to make us an amazing dinner! To start, Burrata Salad.  We all later agreed that we could survive off of prosciutto and cheese for the rest of our lives if we had to.

For entree, Red Snapper with cous cous and reduced apricots.  It was definitely delicious – Chloe’s a rockstar in the kitchen!

Paddleboarding with the go-pro! So ridiculously fun.  Chloe and I tried to use the board at the same time..tried and failed.  We fell off and it was just the funniest thing to happen all day..I could not stop laughing.  Clowns.

Aaaand..crossed into the 1,000 mark on Instagram this weekend! Hollaaaaa!

Now off to work a double shift at the bar.  Wish me luck :)