This is a loaded questions if you ask me.  It seems my family thinks I splurge all the time and I need an intervention.  Personally, new workout gear, 18 hour trips with Mark or a fancy meal and cocktails is not a splurge.  Are you listening family :)

There are so many things I HAVE to spend my money on, that if there’s extra, I do what I can for myself.  Like most us, if you work hard, you deserve it if you can afford it.  There’s a running joke between Mark and I that “I don’t have to justify myself”  I don’t believe in hiding items in the back of my closet only to bring them out  a month later and pretend you’ve had them forever.  What’s that about?   Instead, why not encourage your partner to do what they want and own your purchases?  If you’re not spending the family’s grocery money and all the bills are paid, what are you worried about?

All that said, here’s my splurge….a regular delivery of fresh flowers!  Ahhhh, it’s something I’ve longed to have for many years.  I have a particular florist I like in New Haven, Fleur de Lys.  They have the most beautiful arrangements.  I’ve splurged in the past, felt the guilt over the price, but definitely enjoyed the flowers.

Fast forward to yesterday.  One of my high end clients usual florists was unavailable for an event, so I called Fleur de Lys to fit the bill.  After a lengthy conversation I did it!  I asked about home delivery and then….I took the plunge.  I opted to float between the lesser tier and the higher tier and  I setup service biweekly to lessen the blow.  I can’t wait!  We currently buy flowers on our weekly grocery trips and they never seem to last more than a few days.  It’s so disappointing.   This will cost a bit more, but not too much.  I do still consider it an unnecessary expense, hence the splurge!

To me coming home to the scent and sight of fresh flowers is like being welcomed by your dog, it always makes me smile.

What do you consider a splurge?