Hey dudes, what’s happenin? My week has been full of long days of work, followed by nights of more chicken soup and cookies & cream ice cream – so unfortunately I have nothing food-wise to report to you.  Still feeling sick and have been pumping Airborne and Vit C into my system like nobody’s business.

So anyway, since I have no good food pics to share, I thought we’d have a little chat about inspirations.  I think it’s so important to have role models and people that inspire you and motivate you to do better.  This could be a celebrity, a friend, a relative – just someone that provides you with something to strive towards.   I have many friends here in NYC that are inspirations to me; friends that started out bartending to pay the bills (sound familiar?) and spent every other minute pursuing a passion until it finally HAPPENED for them.  I see those people and think “Damn, one day all this hard work and stress will be worth it”.  My mom is obviously an inspiration to me (hello, how awesome is she?) and someone I call 500 times a day for advice, or just for the sake of bitching to someone (sorrrrrry).  But the inspiration I have that encompasses all I hope to be one day: The Olsen Twins.

 These girls are so dope I can’t even take it.  Not only are they my fashion idols, but throughout all these years have never made a wrong move in the public eye.  No DUI’s for these girls.  They handle themselves professionally and with grace, therefore despite their age the world has never not taken them seriously.  They have such a successful empire because they really understand the BUSINESS of a brand. They’re not celebs that just license their name to a product and hope for the best.  They seem to be not only involved but in charge of every move that’s made regarding their many business ventures.  Like I said, so dope.

Um seriously, these are my MAMA’s right here.

I think the best way to figure out who your true, all-around inspiration is is to ask yourself, “What would _____ do?”

Kate Moss is one of fashion inspirations, however if I asked the question “What would Kate do?” the answer would be to blow a line and sleep with numerous men.  No bueno.

Bethenny is one of my business inspirations, but if I asked the question “What would Bethenny do?” the answer would be to say something wildly inappropriate that is funny yet also border-line offensive, which risks my reputation among others.  Actually, wait, I do this sometimes.  Nevermind.  Gooooo Bethenny!

Just side note, another inspiration is Ellen.  Seriously, how flipping awesome is she?  It would be a dream come true to sit in that nice comfy chair next to her I tell ya.

So I want to know, who is your inspiration?!

Love, Ava