There are some things in NYC that are just not worth the trouble.  Waiting in line for 3 hours just to try a cronut, for instance.  There are, however, PLENTY of things that are well worth the trouble.  Included in that extensive list is going to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  So cliche and touristy, but things like this are cliche and touristy for a reason, and in the best possible way.  The crowds are absolutely crazy, but if you just shove the inner impatient New Yorker in you for a short time,  magic awaits.

(Side note, Bergforf’s windows are WHERE ITS AT this year..simply amazing)

Radio City music hall.  The chaos and magic continues!

I used my tiny frame and powerful elbows to finagle front row spots to get great pictures with my (recently cracked screen) iPhone of the famous rink.

As well as these beautiful angels! My favorite part.

Jumbo Christmas lights never hurt anybody.

And oh my gosh, the Saks light show!!! HOW incredible.  Seriously I was ogling like a 3 year old seeing their first fireworks.

Holiday markets are also worth the trouble.  Incredible vendors, unique gift ideas, and plenty of yummy treats like cider and crepes can be expected.  Union Square are usually my favorite, with Bryant Park in second.

Also worth the wait (only 15 minutes!), the famous chicken parm sandwich from Parm on Mulberry Street.  I have SO been craving a chicken parm sandwich but didn’t want to waste that craving on something sub-par.  This was worth the wait, my friends.

Hopefully if you are local to the city you can get to Rockefeller Center within the next 10 days! I promise you that photos do not do it justice.  Every New Yorker should feel grateful for the fact that we live right here, and go see that big beautiful tree!

Have a great day.