Alright, people.  You may already have the hunch that I spend a lot of my days off wandering through Central Park.  I am simply obsessed.  It is the most beautiful stretch of nature found smack dab in the middle of our concrete jungle.  It amazes me how many New Yorkers I talk to that say they haven’t actually walked through the park in a few months, or in some cases more than a year.  I know that some of you are simply not able to visit the park (without a plane! Sorry, you’ll just have to visit through these very few pictures), but for those that are in the big Apple or surrounding areas, I speak to you directly: PLAN TO VISIT THE PARK.  Before it’s too late.  Before winter sweeps in and takes what little foliage we hang on to.  Before it gets too dang cold that we will refuse to leave our apartments on most nights.

Go to a yummy brunch on Central Park South overlooking the horse-drawn carriage rides, and revel in the pure joy of the day you’re about to have.

No matter what time of year, I find the park always offers me tranquility.

These trees in “the mall”.  So cool.  My walking partner ain’t too shabby either.

You can always find entertainment if you walk far enough.

Citibikes and beautiful light!

Some other notable moments lately:

Meredith and Andrew tied the knot! What a fun, fun time.

Mama Steph happened to cater it which was even better! Had so much fun with her there.

My 2004 vintage bottle of Veuve that mom got me for my birthday! So amazing.  Along with some other goodies like new Bose headphones, scarves and meaningful jewelry.

A day in Jersey City, overlooking the most amazing place on Earth! Holy cow, that view.

I do hope that if your schedule permits, you take the time to visit our NYC sanctuary, Central Park! Get on it while you still can :)