Hey Everyone!  Late afternoon workout post.  If you’ve had a day like mine that started at 3:45 this morning, you’re looking for a way to squeeze in a quick and effective workout tonight.  Well look no further.

This workout is our 15 Minute Shoulder segment that can be combined with any of our other 15 minute routines.  Personally, I usually train legs on shoulder day if I have the time.  Like always, a little workout is better than no workout :)

First is the Arnold Press, named after the infamous Arnold Schwartzenneger.  He used to be a famous body builder, now he’s famous for keeping a son with his nanny, way to tarnish your image.  Nonetheless, it’s a great move.

Start with your elbows bent, palms facing inward.  As you raise your arms rotate the palms to face your ears.  Keep raising into a full extension over your head with palms facing forward.  Reverse the motions on the way down to the starting position.  Do the move to a count of 3 so as not to rush through it.



















Next one is a double whammy (my fav) squat with a front raise works both your legs and shoulders at the same time.  start standing with feet hip width apart, weights by your chest, palms facing you.  as you squat down lower the weight so arms are fully extended.  as you raise from the squat, raise your shoulders back up to your chest (sorry about the pics having the wrong positions on them, by the time I realized, it was too late to change)

Next move is the front raise.  Stand with feet hip width apart, arms by your sides, palms facing behind you.  Raise one arm parallel to the ground, return to start position.  Repeat on the other side.  You can do this as a single arm moved or both arms at the same time.  I prefer to do the single arm version

Lastly, we have the side raise.  Again, feet hip width apart, a slight bend at the waist.  start with elbows, palms facing inward.  Raise the weight to a 90* angle, palms facing downward.   Return to start position.

Take to the gym version using a challenging weight. 10-15 reps:

3-5 sets of the Arnold Press

3-5 sets of the Squat w/pull-up

3-5 sets of the front raise

3-5 sets of the side lateral raise

See you at the gym! :)