Hi there! Man, I am coming off of the best weekend of my summer so far.  It was spent in Fire Island (Ocean Bay Park), and I was LONG overdue for a relaxing, yet amazingly fun weekend.  This summer has been mostly work and very little play, and even though I got away to Atlantic City for a weekend, between all of the partying and gambling, I kinda came back from vacation NEEDING a vacation.  Although AC offers luxurious hotel rooms, 5-star restaurants and that larger-than-life, I knew that I needed to follow up that weekend with a solid beach-town vaca, ASAP.

And with three blissful days off from work, it was just a hop, skip & ferry ride over to Fire Island where long beach days, sunset cocktails and amazing seafood awaited.

There are no cars on Fire Island, so you’ve gotta rely on the good ol’ feet or a bicycle to get around.  No wonder why Manhattanites love it so much over there! We as New Yorkers are already extremely active people, so walking is not an issue, and the fact that the only sounds are those of the waves or the ruckus at the bar during Happy Hour make it an incredibly serene and peaceful place.  I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but the smog, car horns & construction I woke up to this morning in Manhattan were INTENSIFIED.

Sunset drannnks and amazing seafood dinner.

Every day we walked into Ocean Beach, which is where the majority of bars and restaurants are.  Live music, great outdoor seating, ice cream shops and the like are all rounded up in OB! Its about a mile walk each way, so as much as this was a casual beach bum weekend, we also get some activity points.

Furthermore, as somebody that is active and incorporates fitness into the erry-day life, it’s super important for me to still feel healthy while on vacation.  Of course, vacation is the time to indulge (AKA coconut shrimp, massive ice cream cones and multiple glasses of Rose), but I also packed a ton of healthy snacks and some workout clothes to maintain somewhat of a balance.  Starting the day with a scenic walk and quick 20 minute workout puts me in a great mood and sets the tone for the rest of my day.  Coffee, check.  Big, healthy breakfast, check.  Beach bum status all day, check.

We found a park on our walk into Ocean Beach, so for me it was quick sprints, backwards lunges, jumping jacks, mason twists & pushups.

Knowing that I worked out even for a few minutes really makes me feel like I EARNED the right to sit around all day on the beach! :)

Do you guys like to be active on vacation? Or do you like to just chill out?

Hope you have a great day!