Oh dear….vacation is over.  Back in my sweltering city that I love to hate and love to love.  Since I took a week off of work, I reeeeally have to remind myself of my Babe on a Budget tactics to be sure I don’t blow all my money on stupid shit.  So here goes…..


OK NYC ladies, this one’s for you.  Thanks to damn near impossible living circumstances, we’re all a little tight on cash.  You’re a babe on a budget, I’m a babe on a budget.  So it just AMAZES me how much we recklessly spend our precious cash.  Here’s a few quick suggestions on how to better improve your pocket weight and your stiletto-ready gams.


  • WALK.  Everywhere you possibly can.  I’m on my 4th year of living in the city, and I too am one of those girls that says “ah hell with it, I’m taking a cab”.  Yet when I look through my statements at the end of the month I’m like whaaaaat?! I spent THIS much on cabs.  I could have bought out all the deals on HauteLook this week with that cash.  Leave to get to your hair appt 20 minutes early and walk instead of the cab or subway. (We all know we would rather HANG ourselves than go down to the sweatbox subway anyway)  When you put on your new romper and 6 inch stilettos you’ll be oh so glad that you did.


  • DITCH STARBUCKS.  I know a ton of you are going “uh uh, NO WAY. I refuse.  Not reading this one” But if you would just clean your Versace studded lenses and open your eyes to this one, you may be willing to try a different coffee joint.  I myself am a coffee addict, however I am ANTI Starbucks.  Overpriced, burnt coffee? Get out of here.  I am a Dunkin Girl all the way.  But seriously, $5+ for a heavy calorie frothy drink….is it worth it? No.  Not for your pocket, not for your bikini ready bod.  Stick to regular coffee for minimum spending and low calorie intake.  Some awesome coffee spots in the city are Dunkin, Dishes, Roasttown and those huge Amish Markets (but if rich looking chocolate cakes are your weakness, stay very far away from the Amish..)

             If this isn’t a testament to self control, then I don’t know what is….I order Amish coffee before one of my bar jobs EVERY shift and have never once asked to try one of these bad boys.  I just pretend that they won’t taste half as good as they look….even though we all know any food product the Amish touches turns to gold.  Anyway, moving on..

  • GROCERY SHOP.  Again, I know many of my fellow 20 somethings are not a fan of this.  When I tell my friends that I had a blast grocery shopping today, most of them laugh in my face.  And I get that..to some extent.  But once AGAIN, this is cost effective and great for your waistline (are you getting the point of these guidelines?!) Writing out a grocery list and sticking to it is so beneficial..this is PLANNING your meals for the week.  You’re not picking up lunch on your work break or ordering Chinese take out when you get home because you’re too tired to figure anything else out.  Grocery shop on Sunday and BAM..you’re set for the week.  When my fridge is filled with colorful, healthy items it just warms my soul.  [Sigh] If you don’t believe me, do me a favor and take this little test for the week.  Write down EVERYTHING you spend on food..That salad at lunch, the takeout for dinner… and tally it up at the end of the week.  I bet you’ll wish you grocery shopped on Sunday so that you could have gone out to a fabulous dinner with the girls this weekend at Hurricane Club.


Talk soon,