When it comes to beauty, us girls need to unite!  If we know something great, we should share it.

Here I’ve found some great at home, inexpensive and one splurge beauty secrets I think you all should know.  Don’t laugh at me, some tips are common sense, but we can’t have it all the time :)

Cleaning your makeup brushes

I went to clean my makeup brushes last night and found that I was out of brush cleanser.  Who knows how much it was, I bought it at Sephora a year ago, but……did I need to?  Chloe comes in and offers up a solution from a friend, Candy Minacchio of CND Nails.  Dawn dish detergent works just as well.  Score.  Almost everyone has Dawn.  Here comes the common sense part.  I had always washed my brushes and left them on the sink to dry, waiting and waiting and waiting.  Candy recommends letting your brushes “air dry” by letting the bristles hang over the side of you counter.  Hello….what an idiot I am!  And, my brushes are dry this morning!


Blah, I thought I was over that.  I guess my body had other plans.  What to do?  Buy proactive again like I had done years ago?  Go to the dermatologist?  Lucky for me I happened to be in my local GNC store and out of the corner of my eye I see a handful of designer witch hazel.  Lightbulb moment.  Why not go back to basics and use natures toner?  I opt for the witch hazel with rose petal and balk at the $10 price.  Sounds silly, but for some reason I thought it would only be a few bucks.  Well worth it.  Acne gone in a weeks time, yes!  I am still using it regularly and saving a pretty penny on the name brand toner.

Black heads

Gross, but we have to deal with them.  Thanks to Chloe and Pinterest, I have an at home face wash that you have to use to believe.  1/4 milk to 1 tablespoon of honey.  Sounds crazy, but use it and the suckers literally jump out of your skin.  Amazing!  Use as needed.

Personalized Skin Cream

So here’s my splurge.  I went for a skincare consultation yesterday at Fuzion Med Spa.  I’m out of my usual Vivite skincare regimen and feel that it’s time for a change.  My skin is tending to be more oily than usual, even in this winter weather, so I have no idea what to use now.  Well, I didn’t know that they can customize products for you.  After a lengthy conversation we decided to stay with the Vivite for cleanser, but that I could use a bit more product in my overnight cream.  Basically, I was told that this will help to tighten and brighten my skin.  Sounds good to me.  I was informed of what to expect and how frequently to use it.  This was $80, but if it works and I’m saving money elsewhere, why not?

It worked!  My skin this morning is smoother, tighter and happier.  Now knowing that this is available, it’s definitely worth the splurge.  Think of how much money you could waste buying products and giving them away because they’re not a good fit.  It all comes out in the wash.  I also left with samples of daytime moisturizer. I can’t wait to wash my face this morning!

What are your beauty secrets?