mini burgers on brioche w/a chocolate malt

Thanks to our fab photographer JJ Durand of Hellomefilms, we have some amazing pics of Arianna & Jeremy’s wedding last weekend in Fairfield.  I wanted to share them with you so you can see what we do.

This was no ordinary wedding, a bit more fun and party like.  Complete with a lounge area and light up bars.  It’s been a long few weeks of nonstop work, so this type of party was just what we needed.  The whole menu was passed with the dinner portion served as a tapas style.  The couple was so cool and into everyone having a good time that at the end of the night they encouraged the staff to dance with them.  It was quite entertaining.  I don’t dance or should I say I can’t dance so I spare the masses :)  I have no idea where the girls get their talent! I think in the pics you’ll see how much fun everyone was having, it was just the thing we all needed.

Onto Hautelook, so as usual I have no time to get myself ready.  I peruse my closet in the morning and pick a dress I bought on Hautelook a few months ago.  It’s a Halston Heritage dress that I got at a major steal.  Doing my usual 10 minute throw myself together bathroom routine, with the tiniest mirror possible, I emerge not quite knowing what I look like.  Turns out, the dress was a big hit.  Many compliments, even from the bride that I was the best dressed.  Yes, another successful online shopping experience.

Still in love after an 18 hour work day!

Since then I’ve been thinking about why do I like to shop online so much and dread the store?  Here’s my thoughts on that.  The store takes time, you try things on, you analyze yourself in the mirror, judge yourself and I don’t know about you, but I pretty much rarely find anything I really have to have.  Online on the other hand, if you know the designers, know your size and are getting a great deal, it’s like a present that comes in the mail.  Out of 3 years of online shopping, I would say 2-3 things were items I didn’t want to keep.  Luckily I have the girls to pass them to.  Right now I’m waiting for a few Vitamin A bathing suits for our trip that were at least 50% off, how can I go wrong?  So the moral of my story, I shall continue to support my fav online retailers!