Good Morning Everyone!  We know it just by the day on the calendar, that weather (pun intended) or not Mother Nature is cooperative, Spring is right around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to get some personal motivation from us.

We’d love to meet you!!!

Ava & I are going to be doing a series of wellness fairs and food demos in the months to come.  We’re looking to do this for several reasons.  Obviously first and foremost is to meet you, our readers.  We’ll share and taste a favorite quick recipe & workout you can take along.  A big one for us is making our blog more interactive.  At these events, you’ll be able to sign up as part of the FGD fit team.  Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you updates on upcoming social events we’ll be having.

Ha, okay, let’s clarify social.  By social, I mean events where we get together for a great workout.  Whether it be a hike, an organized sporting event or a meet up in the park for a group class.  Heck, that might even include some much needed pampering as a reward for all your hard work.  This too is where you come in. We want your feedback.  What would you like to participate in?  What do you need to keep you motivated?  What can we do to help you with your healthy goals?

We have so many great ideas that we’d like you to be a part of.  Everything is more fun with a group of friends, right?  We’ll also have our fitness apparel available for purchase so that when you join us on an outing, we’re all one big family of support for each other.

First up is a wellness fair at The Edge in Derby on Monday, March 31st from 4 – 8pm.  There will be other vendors there, some free stuff and you can workout for free!  Why not take our workout to the gym floor?  It’s the perfect time to get some one on one pointers.

We can’t wait to meet you!  Derby Edge, 600 New Haven Avenue, Derby, CT

Steph & Ava xoxo