Helllloooo there.  So I know you’re just dying to hear about my concert adventure from last night.  And even if you aren’t, here it is.

I came in to the city from CT on MNR, and that train was stopped in the middle of nowhere for 25 minutes.  Since I don’t EVER plan anything accordingly, I pretty much had the rest of my night mapped out down to the minute.  Therefore, I was already aware that this 25 minute hold-up would completely EFF up my night.  The domino effect ensued.  Stopped home to get changed..realized I left my makeup bag in CT (have I ever mentioned how much I suck at life?), THEN realized it was pouring and there was no need to put makeup on anyway, as I was attending an outdoor concert.  Didn’t eat anything, but DID make a water bottle full of Belvedere vodka (don’t ask) and soda with a splash of cran.  I had all my priorities for the night in check, obviously.  Headed down to Penn Station, but thanks to a very slow bus and an even slower subway, I missed the train that would get me to Jones Beach on time.  I immediately called my concert buddy friend to tell him just how much I suck, to which he replied “No worries! The rain has stopped so take the train to Brooklyn and we will ride on the bike”.

I began to think of how everyone else around me seems to be a problem solver, and I am NOT.  Instead of the “everything will work out” attitude I used to have, I now am a Neurotic New Yorker.  When I missed that train I was like aw helllllll NOW WHAT?!  Good thing I have level-headed people around me.

Anyway, I hopped back on the subway with my water bottle of vodka. I took a swig and two things happened simultaneously..1 – I realized I’m not a freshman in college anymore and the whole bottle of vodka on the subway thing is no longer appropriate, and 2 – I started to get wild stares from everyone in my car.  When I opened that water bottle, I expect that the fumes of alcohol filled the air.  I was smirking to myself thinking “Oh man! I am like that homeless person in the subway that everyone stares at because they reek of alcohol (or other less than desirable smells)”.  Except I’m not homeless, I am a 5’2 blonde girl with a trendy outfit on and a fedora perched on the crown of my head.  I was like OK – this isssss kind of funny – but the way this makes me feel inside is NOT good.  I chucked the water bottle as soon as I got off the train.  It really tasted disgusting coming out of a water bottle anyway.

After the train it was on to the bike, which was a blast, really.  And while I should have been singing the Cool Rider song from Grease 2 in my head the whole time, all I could think was “This feels like a constant punch to the vagina”.  My friend yelled back to me “WHAT ARE YOU SLEEPING BACK THERE?!” to which I replied, “NO! I JUST HOPE MY CROTCH FORGIVES ME”.

And then we finally made it!!!!! We missed the first two songs of Incubus, so when we parked and I heard Brandon Boyd singing “Warning”, I started BOOKING it to the entrance.  This was followed by 4 hours of bliss – Incubus and Linkin Park are a sight to see, my friends.