Good Morning!

I was at the gym the other day and happened to run into Chloe’.  Of course I know that she goes to the gym, heck I pay for her membership, but seeing it is another thing.  I am so proud of the girls.  Seeing them as adults that have made health and fitness part of their lives.

I remember being Ava’s age and working out to my “Firm” videos at home.  With Ava playing on the floor next to me and our then puppy;  Zeus, nipping at me as he thought it was playtime when I went on the floor to do abs :)  I also remember consciously thinking, if my daughters grow up seeing me physically active, hopefully that will set a good example for them.

Back then I worked out for a number of reasons, losing baby weight, maintaining my figure and most of all as a role model.  Being healthy was on the top of that list.  It seems so crazy because I feel young, but when I think that I’m referring to 20 years ago it blows my mind.  Back then it wasn’t the norm to eat well.  Everyone wanted to “diet” but didn’t know how.  I did what I could avoiding the obvious evils of fast food and anything processed, but it wasn’t until the first Eat Clean Diet book by Tosca Reno came out, that I found a clear and simplified model for my diet.  This diet or undiet as I like to say, or eating lifestyle, has been a staple in our house ever since.  It’s never to early to instill good nutrition and exercise in our children.

Ava & Chloe have always been physically active as dancers, but what happens when our kids stop the 5 day a week after school activities and hit the real world?  I see that by growing up with diet and other forms of exercise always prevalent in their lives, it’s taken the guesswork out of it for the girls.  They aren’t intimidated by the grocery store, labels or a rigorous workout.  I think this is the best gift I could have given them.

There is an ongoing joke in my house that had I fed them food with hormones they might have bigger breasts today!  Oh well.

As we speak, Ava is studying to become a certified nutritionist and Chloe’ is forever in the kitchen concocting new clean recipes to impress me with.  As I said, I couldn’t be more proud, not only of the girls, but also of myself.  It’s a great thing to be able to give the gift of wellness.

With this being the season of giving, I encourage you to share your love of health, wellness and fitness with the ones you love