Good Monday Morning!  As we’re all getting back to work, trying to prioritize everything we’ve neglected over the holiday, maybe you’ll make some time for Cyber Monday.

Most of you know that we’re huge fans of the beauty clubs you can find online, but here’s one that right up the fit girls alley, Klutchclub.

I found this via an email I received about a month ago from Daily Candy.  What was this?  A box of health, wellness and fitness products for both men and women.  The special was for their “best of” box.  A $40 value for $20.  I checkout the site and it looks amazing.  I quickly sign up.

2 weeks later, there’s not one, but TWO big boxes of products.  And yes, a birch box purchase as well :)  Oooh the excitement.  I did write down everything that was in it to share with you, but it was pretty lengthy and if you’re like me and unfamiliar with some of the products, the list won’t really matter.

I will tell you that they say the box has a value of $50, no way!  There were products in there that I have tried and obviously know the value of, it well surpassed their claim.  There was also a $50 workout card…talk about bang for your buck!

The boxed contained mineral makeup, African soap, ear buds, a hair tie, aloe water, assorted teas, a full size king arthur box of flax meal, several different bars, protein powders, seaweed salad, vitamins, the list was truly endless. You can see most of the products in the photos.

By now I’ve tried most of the products and have yet to be disappointed.  This is such a great way to sample items you may have seen, but didn’t want to take the financial plunge or items you’ve may have tried that you can pass along.  The health food market can be daunting, especially if you’re new to it.  I highly recommend this club to those with experience and those just getting their feet wet.  I know I’ll be gifting this during the holidays.

Another nice feature is that they let you preview the box online before  you order.  Personally, I like to be surprised, but I do think it’s a good marketing tool for them.  If you’re interested in trying it, I have an email with discount codes for Cyber Monday.  If you shoot me an email, I’ll email it over to you.

Happy  Shopping!