Damn! What would we do without our life-saving coupon websites? A friend and I were just laughing the other day over the fact that the only way we can afford to have NYC gym memberships is to stack up on the coupons when they arise on LivingSocial and Gilt. Planet Fitness for $10 a month? Yeah, I left that penny saving world a long time ago.  Welcome to NYC, land of $60-$100 a month gym memberships and $18 single tanning bed sessions.  The only thing we have on you is $20 mani/pedi’s, all day, every day.  Take that sucka!

I’m sure most are well aware of these companies, but just in case..here’s the lowdown.

LivingSocial – Most popular of the bunch.  Deals in pretty much every city possible. Soc does daily deals on EVERYTHING from a day at the shooting range to microdermabrasion.  I’ve never had a bad experience with a company that they have given deals for.  Maybe not bad, but weird….

Here’s a funny story.  I bought a coupon for a Brazilian wax at a spa in midtown.  The spa was gorgeous, staff was nice, the whole shebang.  So I go in to meet my waxer, some European lady that was intimidating at first glance.  I have never seen her before because I am clearly a coupon opportunist and am visiting this spa for the first time.

So after I’m undressed, she starts baby powdering me and basically having her way with me, tossing me around like a ragdoll.  I have never felt more vulnerable and as if this experience is not traumatic enough, she starts to scold me mid-wax about how I am not waxer loyal, that she can tell by the way my hair’s grown in that my last waxer used a completely different method.

WAXER LOYAL?! Lady, I just bought this wax off LivingSocial for 60% off, and next week I’ll buy another coupon for a different spa.  Unless I miraculously start making double income, you’ll never see me again.  I can’t AFFORD waxer loyalty.  I am coupon queen, hear me roar.

Gilt City – Gilt does new deals once a week, and they’re generally more expensive and geared towards an upscale customer.  If you’re a classy broad, this one’s for you. 50% off bottle service, ticketed events, makeup applications.  Gilt is only available in major cities, so if you’re not in one of them, buy a coupon anyway and use it as an excuse to take a trip!

Hotel Tonight – With that trip you’re taking in mind, download the iPhone app Hotel Tonight.  This shit is awesome.  Again, in major cities only.  This app will give you rooms at an extremely discounted rate, because you’re booking last minute and they’re giving you rooms that they didn’t sell out that day.  I’m telling you, go to NYC for dinner and a show and book your hotel room on the ride in.  Spontaneous looks good on you.

Groupon – OK everyone knows Groupon, so I’m not getting into it.  I will say though that if you have the app, frequent GrouponNOW.  It will give you deals on everything possible based on the part of town that you’re in.  You buy the deal from your phone, show up at the place and they’ll scan the code.  So simple. When I don’t have a clue what I want to get into that night, I’ll check GrouponNOW and then you’ll hear me say. “Start warming up because we’re going bowling bitches!”

Others are Gilt Jetsetter for amazing vacation deals, Hautelook and Ideeli for fashionista deals.

Happy spending to all my #BABEONABUDGET ‘s out there!