Good Morning Clean Eaters!

I saw a recent post from a friend that said how hard it is to eat clean on vacation.  I do agree, you have to be creative.  Let’s forget the extra cocktailing that you might be doing on vacation because for some that’s a given.  That doesn’t mean your whole lifestyle has to go down the toilet too.  You all know we were on vacation last week in Myrtle Beach and had the luxury of stocking a kitchen, well this week…..Chloe’s moving to Florida and I’m along for the ride.

It’s definitely a “Murphy’s Law” trip, you know, what can go wrong will go wrong.  For starters, we had an unexpected sushi dinner with Klo and her besties that came about as I was walking in the door from work the night before the trip.  That said, I started packing just before bed.  I left the food portion for the morning, I was beat.  Well apparently I was no better at 2:45am.  I opened my pantry, stared at it and thought to myself, ah I’ll be fine.  It’s only a 2 hour flight, we’ll figure it out when we get there. WROOOONG!

Now sitting on the plane at 7am and starving, I’m thinking of everything I could have packed.  IDIOT.  I had just bought an amazing granola.  I could have taken dry oatmeal & mixed it with some awesome ingredients, only needing hot water.  I have spelt rice cakes, clementines, bananas, the list goes on.  At 8:00 am we’re offered pretzels, salty nuts or cookies.  Oh boy!  I pass.

We can’t get into Chloe’s condo until Friday, so today we plan on meeting the car carrier and doing all the preliminary shopping.  NOOOO.  Hmm, car not being delivered now until Friday morning.  The hotel is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but there is a Cracker Barrel next door.  It’s 10:00am, defiant I make Klo take a 15 minute walk in search of something healthy.  NOTHING.  So in defeat we return to Cracker Barrel.  We both comment on how we smell the grease from the exterior and cross our fingers.  Well, not so bad.  I managed to put together poached eggs, dry rye toast & turkey sausage with tomato slices.  RELIEF.

Check in isn’t until 4, and we have nothing to do.  We try to sleep by the pool, but sweat prevails.  We move to the lounge.  I feel like a vagrant.  15 minutes later the manager comes up and says our room is ready.  It’s noon, they’re apologetic, but I think they felt bad for us :(  I feel bad for them, we’re squatters.

Now in the room, we sleep through lunch, so fast forward to dinner.  Klo did her research and found a healthy sub shop.  We both ordered Greek Salads w/fresh lemon & canola oil for dressing.  We swapped the ham topper for turkey and were pleasantly surprised to see that they incorporated way  more veggies than were on their menu.  Caveat, iceburg lettuce, but you can’t win them all.  Dinner was good, the pita wedge helped satiate us for the night.

Now the morning, free breakfast…running down so we don’t miss it.  Miss what?  Really?  I guess this is how people eat.  I tell Chloe the oatmeal looks funny, she says that’s not oatmeal, that’s sausage gravy.  Blah.  Sugary cereals, pastries, sausage, every type of white starch, pancakes that make themselves out of a heated box.  Then I see it, the milk cooler with one lonely hard boiled egg.  YOU ARE MINE!  Not shown on my plate because I housed it while perusing the rest of the buffet.  I manage to put together packaged plain oatmeal, yogurt (which I later ditched after one bite because you could taste the sugar) an apple, peanut butter & a banana that looks like it will have to wait until later in the week.  The plan, oatmeal &  yogurt for breakfast, apple & peanut butter for snack later.  Not the cleanest meal but I feel better.  Make due people, don’t starve, don’t make my mistake, plan, plan, plan.  Every little bit helps.

What’s that, the car is here!!! Yes! I feel unshackled.  Hello Little Bird!  Florida here we come!!!!!