Have you ever come across a product and you think to yourself, why didn’t I think of that?!?  This is easily one of those products.  Look at the pics below to see what I’ve been carting my meals in.  Like most of us that pack a lunch and snacks for the day, functional choices are limited at best.

Now take a look at this 6 pack bag.  I happened to see a girl on Instagram with this and immediately hit the web to find one.  I actually have one on backorder from the company, but Igor (the trainer) found one locally for me this week.  What the heck, I’ll take 2.  I’m thinking the second bag will be perfect for road trips this summer.

 The 6 pack bag covers everything and then some.  2 side pockets for protein shakers and/or water bottles, housing a total of 5.  A top tray for supplements and protein bars, 2 side pockets for ice packs (included), compartments for keys, protein powder or anything else, and the holy grail; a 3 tier compartment for your meals.

This cooler also comes in a 5 stack, I think for the time being I’m good with 3.  This is beyond perfect for getting through a busy day.  It can be carried either by hand on the top strap or over the shoulder with the addition of a longer strap

I have no problem eating breakfast before I head out the door, but beyond that, my day is anybody’s guess.  I can be at work from 3 – 13 hours, so having my meals prepped and ready to go is a no brainer.

I hope you grab one of these.  It’s a definite fab find for anyone keeping their diet tight