Mark and I had driven to Newport for the day a few years ago and happened upon this property.  I knew it had a good reputation, but from what we saw of the cottages near the entrance, it didn’t catch our eye, so we continued with our sightseeing.

Fast forward to a recent overnight trip to Newport that Mark wanted to plan.  We drive up to the hotel a friend of his recommended and we were less than impressed.  As Mark was checking out the property, I quickly whipped out my phone to see what 5 star hotels were in the area.  Castle Hill Inn was top on the list.  When he returned to the car, I asked if we could just check it out before we settled on this one.  He pleasantly obliged.

We recognized the entrance but kept going up the drive.  Wow, at the top of the driveway was a beautiful castle.  Guess we were totally wrong for not investigating a little further.  We go in and ask if there are any available rooms.  The only one free is their king suite.  We ask to take a look, it’s gorgeous!  Everything you think a castle should be, warm, charming, inviting.  I wanna stay!  Ha, gotta love Mark, one look at the room and he was hooked.  We were able to get it for a fraction of the cost because it was so late in the day and it came with free breakfast.












The bellman was nice enough to grab our bags and park the car, while we were handed flutes of champagne.  Yep, my kind of place.  We make dinner reservations at the hotel and head up to the room.  Dinner is offered in 3 or 4 prix fixe courses.  I hate to say it, but make sure you bring a fat wallet :)  The hotel and the experience is worth every penny, but you can spend a small fortune without ever leaving the property.  Proper dress is required.  Dinner didn’t disappoint, but I was so tired from our adventures of the day that when Mark took a bathroom break, I had our meal sent up to the room.  It was certainly still romantic and I was happy to have that option.

We had the best night’s sleep.  We opted for no tv and wine by the fire.  The bed was super comfy.  It reminded me of my grandmothers bed.  Oversized and filled with down.  So billowy and inviting, but most importantly, large enough that Mark’s 6’4″ frame wasn’t hanging off the bed.



In the morning we discovered the Nespresso.  Hence, the best cup of coffee Mark has ever had that lead to the purchase of one that afternoon.





Onto breakfast, such a pleasant surprise.  This was no “here’s your lame free breakfast”,  no way, this was in your face amazing and you get what you pay for breakfast!  While we were perusing the menu, we were greeted with a slice of banana bread and a fresh fruit smoothie.  Ahhh.  Excited to see grapefruit juice on the menu I take the plunge, no way, it’s freshly squeezed.  This is just getting better and better.  Mark and I both opt for the poached eggs over lobster hash with multigrain toast and fruit, delish!  It was certainly a treat and much richer than the food I’m used to, but well worth it, plus I only ate a fraction of it.




























We opt to work off breakfast by way of the properties hiking trails, so beautiful.  It was late November and a bit nippy, I can only imagine what the place is like in the summer months.  We’ll definitely be returning.

The staff was amazing, so accommodating, from the girl at the front desk to the manager.  All the way to the final touch of being offered a coffee or water bottle for our ride home.  Throughout our stay it seemed as if every detail was thought of on a personal level.  Castle Hill Inn deserves every one of its 5 stars!