Yep I said it, Costco is my fab find this week.  I’ve decided that if the zombie apocalypse comes, I want to be stuck in Costco  :-D

I know it’s not like I’m sharing any hidden secret with noting a big box store as a fab find, but there’s a method to my madness.  With my business I have memberships to the 3 big box stores in my area as they all have something different to offer.  But, if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be the almighty Costco.

Let’s begin with the staff.  Most of their staff has been there since it’s opening several years ago, must be a great place to work.  They give me a gift basket with an employee signed Christmas card every year.  A special bonus is the $600 check I receive in August just before my birthday with the 2% purchase kickback they give.

Not only do we purchase for work, but I recently realized just how much we purchase for home.  We had a guest over that was asking where some of our items came from and most of it was from Costco!  It’s not just my house, it’s Ava’s apartment, Chloe’s old condo.  You can’t beat the pricing and the quality.  It blows IKEA away.

Here are some of the awesome things we’ve purchased throughout the years:

Area rugs, flat screen TV’s, beds, ottomans, throw blankets, Dyson, Shark & Electrolux vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooer, Traeger grill, Bose headphones and portable devices, my beloved Vitamix, Kitchen Ninja, Nutribullet, towels, printers, pool accessories, entertainment center, dressers, side tables, lamps, our summer fun blowup raft, anything you can think of for a kitchen, all our toiletries and last but not least, the reason I’m writing this post: bedding

All our bedding comes from Costco:  high thread count sheets, down comforters, memory foam mattress toppers, memory foam pillows, down pillows.  I’d say we spend 1/4 of what it would cost if we purchased any of these items at a department or specialty store.  This month was my bedding upgrade.  I replace the comforter and pillows every other year.  The beauty of a down comforter is you can either go all white or throw a stylish duvet over it.  And yes, that cupboard thing is from Costco as well!

Let’s not forget that they’re in the forefront when it comes to healthy foods.  Costco is where I get my bulk fruits & veggies, coconut oil, quinoa, hemp seeds, chia seeds and similar products.

Our Costco in Milford also carries alcohol, woo hoo!  That’s where I purchased my birthday Veuve. It was $4.00 cheaper a bottle than my wholesaler.  Come on now!

If you’re looking around for a big box membership that packs a big punch, look no further.  It’s worth the $100 membership.  If you only shop there once a month for essential, you’ll make your money back in two trips.

Happy shopping!