If you’re anything like me, your schedule, or lack there of, leaves no planning for personal time.  Most times, when you can’t make a plan, you pay a hefty price for whatever you do.  Not so anymore, Ava turned me on to this great app called Hotel Tonight.  I’ve had it on my phone for several months now, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I was able to use it.

Mark and I take what we call, 18 hour trips.  If we have a Sunday off, we try leave work by 2 on Saturday, head home to pack an overnight bag and hopefully get out the door by 5.  We always have to be home by 2 on Sundays to pickup his son, so there you  have the 18 hour trip.  It’s all good, we take what we can get and we always make the most of it.

For this trip, we decided to try Boston.  When I knew we were going, I knew I was going to use this app.  Unlike Hotwire, they actually show you the hotel, it’s location, pros, cons and whether it’s luxe, hip, charming or solid.  I love it!  I tried it in the morning and the app wittingly called me an early bird and to come back at noon.  Come back I did.  I decided on the XV Beacon.  A luxe hotel that usually runs about $500 for $340, with taxes it was about $400.  Damn taxes!

I can’t say enough about this hotel.  From the moment we arrived to the moment we left everything was beyond perfect.  This luxury hotel lives up to its reputation and more.  Yes, I did some online investigating before booking.  Every staff person we encountered was beyond helpful without being annoying.  Very friendly and accommodating.

Upon arrival there was one person ahead of us to check in.  I saw another guest with a beer in hand and asked where he had gotten it.  He pointed me to the hotel’s restaurant “Mooo” in the corner of the room.  I dropped my bag, left Mark in line and asked the hostess for a Malbec and a Sierra Nevada.  I told her I would be back in a moment after I checked in to retrieve my drinks.  Really, not two minutes later as I was checking in, she appeared with beverages in hand.  Yes!  There’s nothing better than starting your night with a drink in hand.

Our whole trip revolved around heading to Boston for dinner, so we asked the concierge for help.  After a short discussion, we decided on seafood.  He quickly made a phone call and got us into one of the hottest restaurants around.  It was a bar table, but heck for such short notice, we’ll take what we can get.  He offers their Lexus car service as transportation.  WHAT?  Awesome, my very own designated driver.  I get to sit in the back seat and hold hands with the love of my life….even better….an actual date.

We learn the hotel is smack in between the Quincy Market area, Newbury Street, and Beacon Hill, so we book the car for 10am to take us shopping.

Up to the room.  Amazing!  The room has a surround sound stereo system throughout.  When we opened the door, the perfect radio station was playing at the perfect level.  The room is modern without being stark, quite the opposite, very warm and inviting.  A four poster bed facing a gas fireplace and flat screen tv.  All the lighting is by the slightest touch.  The mini bar is super top shelf, complete with crystal glasses and anything you could possibly want.  The bathroom is white marble with a seat in the shower.  The shower is large enough for two comfortably with a large rain shower head and lots of water pressure.  How nice to not have to fight for a spot under the water.  I’m in love.

We meet our driver and head over to Island Creek Oyster Bar.  He was great.  He let us in on what’s around town and the hotels history.  It was a nice ride.  When we arrive around 9:30, it was packed, in a good way.  It had the kind of buzz that’s electrifying.  We order dinner and of course, oysters.  We let the waiter select the oysters.  Good call, wow they were to die for and they were all local.  So fresh.  The last time we had oysters this good was 5 years ago at a small oyster bar in Point Reyes, California that had oyster beds behind the property.

The dinner was cooked perfectly.  I had seared sea scallops with cauliflower, golden raisins, black quinoa and pickled hon shimeji mushrooms….yum!  Mark had the Grilled Atlantic Salmon with chestnut hash, chanterelle mushrooms, chantenay carrots & mustard greens.  As the waitress commented, wow, you’re part of the “clean plate club”  yes, it was that good.  And if you noticed, our servers switched mid meal from male to female.  I’m not sure why, but the waitress brought us a shot at the end of our meal.  Very nice.  It looked and smelled creamy, so I passed it off to the girl next to me who happened to be celebrating her birthday.  She was happy :)

A great night was made only better by the phenomenal in room breakfast we had the next morning.  The kitchen was sooooo accommodating when I called, they had everything I asked for.  The gentleman on the other end didn’t make me feel like I was “one of those annoying customers”, he made me feel like I was ordering off the menu.  A fresh berry bowl, plain oatmeal, cinnamon, tea, skim milk and egg whites.  Seriously, now we’re staying in the room.

We cancel the car service and decide to take our tea up to the rooftop.  Ahhh, what a lovely leisurely morning.  We decide we have to at least take a short walk before heading home.  The area was so quaint and so Boston.  We only walked about 10 blocks, but we still were able to see a lot of history.

We were told at some point that many of the hotel’s customers are repeats, we both agreed that we will certainly be, at any price.  It felt like you were home, only with staff.  I will recommend this app and this hotel to anyone and everyone who will listen.  I know this post was long, but I wanted you to get the experience.  There’s a possibility that we’re free this weekend, if so, we’re heading back!