Hey all, I hope you enjoyed the extra long holiday week last week.  We sure did.  We’re back in the swing today with our Fab Find.  Ava & I were invited to the Apogee Fitness Conference recently and while we were there we discovered cool new workouts and products to fit your active lifestyle.

This water bottle took the cake.  I loved it so much that I bought 4.  One for myself, Ava, Chloe & Ali.  When something new comes out that is a spin on something we do daily, I question myself, is that really necessary?  This did raise a necessity question, but I answered that question with the ease of use it provides.

The things I like; it’s a very nice sturdy glass water bottle that’s ergonomically designed.  I love any water bottle that has a place for me to clip my keys.  The top is plastic with a nice flip opening for easy drinking.  The top seller you ask?  There’s a citrus reamer in the top!  So, yes, my first thought was, I always squeeze lemon or lime into my water, why do I need this?  Well, to get the most out of my citrus, I use a small reamer I have at home.  That is certainly not coming on the road with me.  I really like this idea.

I’m so glad I purchased them.  Now, with the rest of my daily food prep, I pack bags of halved lemons and limes along with fresh herbs.  I’ve been inspired to have limes with fresh mint, fresh lemon & basil, fresh lime & cilantro.  The combos are endless and keeps my water fun.  I leave the herbs in and keep adding water with citrus.

It’s funny when Chloe, Ali & I show up to work with our bottles and ask what kind of concoction we each made for the day.

I hope you guys try it.  It runs about $20, but you can find it online for as little as $14.  I’d love to hear your favorite way to make flavored water.