Alright, Peanut Butter lovers! This one’s for you.  This is a gooood one for you.  If you’re a blogger or in the fitness industry, I’m sure you know all about this bad boy.  But for those that aren’t on the bandwagon -here comes PB2! Your new best friend.

pB2 reduces fat found in other peanut butters through a chemical-free process.  All natural, preservative free, and containing no artificial sweeteners, this PB powder has 85% less fat than other peanut butters.  This particular chocolate flavor tastes SO delicious it’s insane, whether it’s in my protein shake or mixed with water and thrown on my pancakes, waffles or oatmeal.

Check out these nutrition facts! 2 tbsp has only 45 calories and 1 gram of fat!!! That’s 14x less than your average peanut butter!  Seriously, are you excited to go buy this yet?


Warmed up and served over my waffle with coconuts… SO delicious!

I am consistently impressed with the food products that are produced these days…I mean really, peanut butter without ANY guilt whatsoever? That’s what I’m talking about.  Hop on this Fab Find immediately, my friends! :)

Check out their site here and find out where you can purchase their amazing products.

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