PV Body

Good Morning!  You know how we love our monthly club subscriptions, well we’ve got a new one for you.  I’m not sure how this found it’s way into my inbox, but I’m happy it did.

This monthly subscription is based on athletic apparel.  Meet PV Body.  First off, you have to take their quiz. In this quiz you’ll answer questions regarding your favorite workouts and then an extensive sizing quiz.  They want to know where you like your waistband to fall, type of shorts, pants, tops, coloring, they’ve covered it all.

The premise is, pay a monthly fee of $49.95 and once a month you’ll receive a new top and bottom to workout in.  Based on their FAQ’s, they carry name brands, although I was unfamiliar with what was sent.

3 weeks after I join, this puffy pink bag arrives at my door.  At first I think it’s a beefed up version of my monthly IPSY bag as it’s packaged in the same bag.  But no, wooo hooo….it’s PV Body, I can’t wait to check it out.

So here’s my honest review:  I loved the outfit, definitely.  Pretty bright blue pants and a nice textured tank.  It looks good on and sucked everything in.  Here’s the thing, I have a few personal issues, not with PV Body, with my own crazy fitting of clothing.  I may be petite, but I don’t like anything tight.  I probably wear a small, but opt for the medium and lastly, I don’t like anything on my waist.

So, ironically, I received high waisted pants and what feels like a compression tank.  The pants could be a fold over, but not on my hips :)  Not my most comfy thing to workout in.  I think about stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing them because they do fit well.  I’m not really worried about them going to waste since the girls will gladly wear any of my workout gear.  And as they’re dancers, tight isn’t an issue.  I have worn the top and Chloe has worn the pants, overall I’m happy with what was sent and I definitely believe with something like this you take your chances.  Really, that’s part of the fun, what will someone else choose for you?  Of course you can return the items and they will replace them for you.  Not a bad deal.  Where else can you get workout bottoms and a top for 50 bucks?  I don’t even think at Target.

I’m looking forward to my next bag and if it’s not so much what I’m looking for, well then I’ll just retake the quiz.  I think this is an awesome idea and I encourage you to try it.  I’ll let you know what comes next :)