Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend and a great Monday.  My workweek at the bar this week is Tues-Sat.  I haven’t done 5 shifts in a row in QUITE some time. I know, boo hoo, my life is so hard.  But I’m covering for some people since next week I’m taking off for my birthday and the Food & Wine Festival.  Just making money where I can!

Anyway, needless to say I laid pretty low on Monday.  Spinning, shopping in Soho with my gal Lindsay, some blogging stuff.  Oh, and finally got to watch the first episode of American Horror Story S3.  Amazing.  I’m so excited for this season.  The cast is just so genius, and I’m so glad they use the same actors every season.

P.S. Halloweentown was also on last night! Hello childhood favorite.  Or I should say tween favorite.  Now all I need is Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid and I’ll be good to go.

ANYWAY, on to the point of this post! Our fellow Fitfluential Ambassador Gina sent us over a copy of her new dance fitness DVD, Soli Beat, to try out before its official launch.  Let me tell you people, I am hooked.

The DVD features so many different types of dances in the Latin/African realm, each segment about 8 minutes long.  The live band contributes so much, and so does the CRAZY energy that these girls have.  It’s truly contagious and motivating.  (The little belly dancing sarong that came with the video was an added bonus – Thanks girls! :) )Some of the DVD reminds me of my days as a modern dancer.  But even if you don’t have a background in dance, I would still recommend this to you.

Ever wanted to try belly dance but feel like you’ll look like a fool? Well, what better place to do it than in your living room!?  I was flailing, shaking, and recklessly bopping around my living room all alone and sure, I probably looked like an idiot.  But guess what? By the end I was sweating my a*s off, and I had a blast.  Even if you can only do about 20 minutes of this workout, it will be WORTH IT!  No better way to kickstart your day, I say, than with a little merengue ;)

To get more info and purchase this DVD (and I highly recommend you do!), check out their site HERE.

 Calorie burning that’s fun!!!! Yes, fun! Doooo it.