You may be sensing a trend here, but as I said, I’m a wino at heart.  And if I find something that’s worth sharing, you’re going to hear about it.

Let’s rewind this story.  It’s often been said I could talk to a lamp post, eh, in the words of Rizzo from Grease “there are worse things I could do”

This summer Mark and I snuck off to enjoy a beach day in beautiful Watch Hill, Rhode Island.  It was there that we met Frank.  As he was passing our beach towel he asked where we found our cart.  And there it started, a friendship.  Go figure!

We conversed about the wagon which led into a full blown conversation about our professions.  Come to find out, we live in the same area.  It always amazes me what a small world we live in.

We exchange cards and agree to get in touch with each other at some point down the road.  Leave it to Frank to follow up.  He’s a great guy who’s full of life.  Not only full of life, but full of contagious excitement for life, his family and his business.

Frank invites us to his “winery without the vineyard” in Wallingford.  Hello, I’m down for some more wine tasting.  The place is amazing.  The concept is amazing.  To hear Frank explain the process and taste the wine, I can’t help but want to share this secret gem with everyone.

So here goes.  The concept is this.  You visit his facility either alone or with a group of people, you select the grape varietals to make the type of wine you want.  Once that’s complete, Crush Club orders the grapes and you wait patiently.  When your grapes arrive, you return to his facility to smash the grapes.  From there, your grapes are transferred to go through the fermenting process.  You return 7 to 10 days later you return to press your grapes and place them in the aging barrel.  Half way through the process, you return to “rack” your barrel.  Please refer to their website for more specifics, I’m just here to give you an overview :)  Lastly, you return to label, bottle and cork the fruits of your labor.  How cool!

It’s a fun and rewarding concept.  The facility is welcoming and as I said, Frank’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Not in the market for a full barrel of wine?  They offer co-ops in which you can buy into an existing barrel.  Barrels are sold either by the full barrel or the half barrel.  If you choose to buy a half barrel, I believe you must wait until they can pair you up with someone to purchase the other half.  Not to worry, they’re great at what they do and they want you to make wine.

Visit them and taste some of the varietals that they’ve concocted.  The “Super T” as they call it is one of my fans.  Now if we can just get them to serve in larger glasses, it would be perfect :)

If you’re in the area, please support this local business, you won’t be disappointed.  Be sure to tell them Steph from The Fit Girls Dish sent you