Okay readers, this is a true testament to how much we love you!  This tea is hard to get your hands on and by sharing it with everyone, we might just make it that much more difficult to get.  It’s worth it though, you need to know about this.

As I write this morning’s post, I’m actually sipping on my 28 day Tiny Tea teatox and looking forward to every minute of it.

Your Tea offers 4 varieties of organic tea blends brought to us by Natalie Kringoudis, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.  Tiny Tea, a 14 or 28 day teatox, Fertility Tea, Anti-C (cellulite) Tea and Her Tea, an everyday tea.

What we like about these teas is that they’re based upon TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices which improve your health and well being.  On their website, you’ll find thorough explanations of how each tea works to help rid your body of toxins.  What’s also impressive is that they offer an eating plan, their own blog and healthy living tips. This tea isn’t a quick fix, it’s a great compliment to a healthy lifestyle or a springboard to starting to treat your body as the temple it is.  Oh and did I mention the beautiful packaging?

We can thank Chloe’ for this find.  As an avid instagram follower, she found fellow instagramers posting before and after pics who had used a variety of the Your Tea regimens.  You’ve heard us share our genetic curse before, every women’s nightmare……cellulite.  Personally, I’ve found the only way to get rid of it is by lots of cardio and a very low body fat percentage.  Not always manageable.  Enter the Anti-C tea.

I tell you, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I might not believe it.  Chloe’ not only lost any trace of cellulite on her abs and legs, but she slimmed down.  It’s not that she lost weight, it’s more so that she just became a better version of herself.  It’s crazy!  Now just about everyone Chloe’ knows is drinking some form of Your Tea.

My assistant, Steph and I are drinking the Tiny Tea.  Steph has the 14 day one and is half way through.  She actually commented yesterday, that she’s sad she’ll be running out soon and wishes she purchased the 28 day.  I’m on day 3 and I really feel great.  This morning I could see definition in my lower abs, yes!

They do recommend taking before and after pics.  I’ve gotta get on that.

As I mentioned earlier, this tea is a hot commodity.  Your best bet is to sign up for their emails or social media so you can find out when a tea is back in stock.  We had to jump on this one when it became available last month.  I’m still waiting for the Anti-C tea to come back in February.

Have any of you tried Your Tea?  Let us know what you think.  I have no doubt you love it as much as we do.