Hey Happy Tuesday!

So this is a strange combo, but it’s what my fab finds are for this week.  First off, we’ve become part of the Influenster community and as such, if the fit is good, we get to sample new products and review them.  Go figure, I qualified for one of the household reviews.  Washing dishes :)  I must say, of all things I could sample, this was probably  not on the top of my list.  I was unaware of our qualification until a box showed up at the house full of new Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap in three scents Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme, & Ginger White Tea.

Chloe & I were quite excited.  We agreed the Ginger White Tea is the best scent.  That’s what we’re currently using as you can see.  My usual dish soap is Dawn with Olay, this has been a favorite for the last year or so, but no longer!  I honestly didn’t think I’d notice any difference, but I really did.  The scent is great and cleaning stubborn dishes is much easier.  Actually, when I took the photo this morning I decided to remove the Dawn in the sink dispenser and replace it with the Palmolive.  I’m going to give the Lime Basil to a friend to try as they suggested.  Quite frankly I chose that one as my giveaway because it smells like a Jolly Rancher and we all know I’m not a big candy fan.  I do think she will enjoy it though.  I did see on Influenster that it’s available at Walmart for under $3.00, pretty good deal.

Well, if you think all dish soaps are alike, try this.  You’ll definitely be impressed and pleased with the scents.

Onto my fun Fab Find.  I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan, so of course when I saw that she came out with an OPI line of nail polishes, I was all over it!  Not only does this color contain glitter (my personal fav), it’s a new bold matte.  Hello?  Who does matte polish?  OPI does.  It’s awesome!  The titles are all taken from her songs, ones that any true fan would know.  So cute.

There was actually an older woman at the salon today getting the same color next to me, she professed she’s obsessed with it as well and that it goes with anything.  You go!  I love a woman that doesn’t let age define her.

This color is Stay the Night….a must have in my collection

Lastly, you know we’re huge Chobani fans right?  They are on it with keeping us interested.   I wish I had a direct connection to what new products they have and when they’re coming out, but for now I’ll take my occasional stumbling upon something new.  Unlike NY, here in CT, it’s hard to find consistent new Chobani flavors readily available, so I find myself traveling to every store in the area searching for that one flavor.  This week, that flavor was one I stumbled upon the week before but, I can’t remember where….idiot!  Chocolate vanilla chunk.  3 stores later and just about to give up in Target, I see these little buggers out of the corner of my eye.  Caramel with pineapple and coffee with dark chocolate.  Well hello there.  I grab 2, obviously take them home and guess what??? They were gone by the end of the day, all 8 of them.  Well, 6 really because I hid 2 to make sure I got to try them.  They’re awesome!  Everyone should try them.

My suggestion…I think a mango coconut would be pretty darn tasty….if you’re listening Chobani :)