Happy Monday!  It seems as though Monday has turned into my Fab Finds post.  Right now, I’m obsessed with two new gadgets.  Nespresso & Teavana.  I’ll be the first to admit that when I find something I love, I want it all!  That means that I want the best one that I can afford and all the things that accompany it.

This our home’s beverage station, which up until 2 weeks ago only housed the keurig and some syrups for Chloe’s benefit.  This post isn’t really about the keurig because I’ve had one for about 5 years, so like everything that’s a staple in our lives, we take it for granted.  But, if you’re on the fence about a Keurig, don’t be, it’s a great investment.  I’m the tea drinker in the house, this not only suits the coffee lovers, it also aleviates the need for boiling water for tea.  We buy bulk coffee at Costco, which usually lasts several weeks.  Much less than buying coffee out everyday.  The best part is that there is no lingering smell of a coffee pot that’s been on the burner for too long.  I really believe it’s that smell from my youth that keeps me from drinking coffee.

Ahh, Nespresso….Mark and I recently took another 18 hour trip to Newport, Rhode Island and stumbled on this beautiful inn, Castle Hill.  Too bad for us, we didn’t have a reservation and the only remaining room was their king suite :)  The room was amazing, but that’s for a future post.  One of the perks was this little machine called LeCube by Nespresso.  We were familiar with the brand and knew that it was an espresso maker.  Neither of us are espresso drinkers, but not ready to leave the room the following morning, espresso it was.  It’s premise is similar to the Keurig, small pods of coffee that pop into a sleeve, brew and are dropped into reservoir.  Mark made and cup and professed that it was the best cup of coffee he had ever had.  So of course I follow suit with the decaffeinated offering.  NO JOKE, I was amazed!  Somehow the brewer adds a slight froth at the end of brew, it’s beautiful.  We did prepare them as we would a normal cup with milk and sweetener.  So decadent, I was hooked!

Later on that day, I received my usual GILT Group alert that their sale was about to begin.  I check it out as I’m a passenger in the car and a little shopping can’t hurt.  No way!  Nespresso is on there at 50% off!  In my world, that’s a sign.  After much research, we decide on the Citz with milk.  This version offers 2 espresso sizes and a milk cylinder that froths and foams.  Crazy!  Chloe has turned into a barista.  Espresso’s, latte’s, macciatto’s that taste as if they came from a coffee house.  This is a winner!

Next Teavana … I’m not a mall girl, but in my part of the world, there are times when you don’t have a choice.  Friday was one of those days.  With Ali (our fit girl in training) in tow, she asks me if I’ve ever been to Teavana.  Hmm, no.  So in we go.  Wholly tea!  It’s a tea lovers paradise.  They have several samples on the floor, all better than the last.  Hot tea, iced tea, wow!  They obviously have training prior to working the floor because when you request to see a sample, they waft the large metal top vigorously in your direction so you get full sensory overload.  Well it worked.  We all know loose leaf tea needs to be in some little ball to steep, well not here.  Let me regress, I don’t like the stainless to go hot beverage containers because they hold the high temp for too long and I seem to always get burned.  Someone there must have read my mind, they have these beautiful glass hot beverage containers to go that have a built in basket for your loose leaf tea.  Genius!

Alright, so I didn’t need the decorative tins, but I got them anyway.  I opted for a combination of Maharaja Chia Oolong & Samurai Chai Mate.  I never thought to combine flavors.  Chloe opted for a blend of Blueberry Bliss & Pineapple Kona Pop.  The teas come with a sticker of instructions for brewing times taking the guesswork out.  I have a drawer full of teas from Whole Foods, all with a wonderful scent, but none as flavorful as they smell.  Not this tea, it’s everything you think it should be and more.  All the notes come through with bursting flavor.  I am hooked!  Obsessed is more like it.  No more Dunkin stops on the way to work for me.  Nothing can beat this tea.  Now, I just have to take a breather before I take the plunge to buy more flavors.  Does anyone want what’s in my drawer full of teas?

I hope this was helpful.  As the holiday season approaches I know we’re all looking for cool gifts and any of these would make a great one as well as a lasting impression.