Hello everyone!  If you’re looking for a gift to give the person who has everything, we’ve got it for you.  It’s a Diamond Candle, a soy based candle.

I heard about these candles from Ali, intrigued,  I purchased them as Mother’s Day gifts for myself, my mom, Ava & Chloe.

They cost the same as a Yankee Candle, but they’re the Cracker Jack of candles.  They come in a variety of popular scents and can be purchased online at http://www.diamondcandles.com.  For $25.00 you’re guaranteed a real ring in each candle.  The side of the candle is marked as to where the ring is located for the impatient.  The rings are valued at $10, $100, $1,000 or $5,000.  I’d say that’s an awesome concept.  It’s two gifts in one and you know we’re the ultimate multitasks.

All the rings are wrapped in gold foil for easy detection.  If you’re antsy like me, you can get a pair on needle nose tweezers and ease it out of the warm wax.  So much fun!

Here’s my ring:  I can’t believe I got a pink one, too funny.  It’s cute, it has a story and maybe those diamonds some real diamonds, which I love.  How nice to give to a friend or loved one something that they’ll always remember?

Do you have one?  Share your ring pic with us