Hello My clean eaters, this post is for everyone that feels they’ve hit a plateau in their weight goal.

I can’t believe that at 43 years of age, I’m finally listening to my body!  If you’re a clean eater, you know that strict clean eating yields amazing results.  Ava and I revert back to strictness when we feel that little bit of bloat that just won’t go away.  As we’ve said in the past, a food journal is your best friend for pointing out your eating flaws.  But, what if you truly do eat clean?  Meaning, no processed foods, no fast foods, only foods that are good and nourishing for you.  Then you have to delve a little farther into what’s holding you back.

Ugh, I had another lightbulb moment this week.  Freakin bread!  My love and my arch enemy all in one.  Nope, it’s not staving off doritos, taco bell or chocolate that gets to me, it’s bread!  Yummy whole grain bread.  My favorites, ezekial (?spelling), whole wheat sour dough and now this time of year, whole grain pecan and cranberry.

As a caterer, we’re fortunate to have an amazing baker.  He’s actually one of the original bakers of Chabaso.  Jaime (Bread & Chocolate of Hamden) uses only the finest ingredients, so I know it’s good.  That said, there’s always bread around here :(  Just yesterday I had to pickup a few dozen whole wheat rolls that were forgotten in the morning delivery, have you ever had to sit in a car filled with fumes of freshly baked bread??????  Talk about torture!

Blast them, I come into work today to the smell of warming pecan bread, but I am on a mission.  We all work hard in the gym and we want our results to show.  For the average person, I’m in pretty good shape, for me I’d like to see a bit more definition.  Well, I realize I’m the only one that can make that happen.  Like a pro fitness getting ready for a contest, I am getting ready for the holidays.  Bye-bye bread…….for now.  In 3 days without it, my belly is significantly flatter, amazing!  So worth it!

Will power in tact, I will survive this and indulge in that pecan bread well after I’ve reached my goal.  It’s not just about reaching my goal, but maintaining it.  I don’t “cheat”, I enjoy foods that are still good for me, but not the best for my particular body.

I write this to you because I’m hoping that you can look into your diet and find that certain something that may be holding you back from greatness.  Let me know what food you prefer to not live without.  We’re here for you.  It’s all about supporting each other no matter what our goals are :)