I’m going to selfishly take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about a girl that just a few years ago, couldn’t microwave a meal, find her way to dance class while driving (mind you she had been an oblivious passenger for 13 years) and just wanted to be the life of the party :)

I am so proud of the woman Ava has been become.  She has literally grown up right before my very eyes.  That may go without saying as a parent, but there are many divorced parents that don’t get the opportunity to be involved in all their children do.  Yes, I may have always been a meddling parent, but I truly believe that’s what has made our bond so close.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s like that with both girls.  We talk several times a day, about important things and not so important things, like who pissed her off that day :)

I recently had a conversation with a family friend that is a male and just a bit younger than Ava, he doesn’t understand why the girls call so much.  This is coming from someone who sees his mom once a month.  It’s all good, every relationship is different and I wouldn’t change ours for the world.  I’m grateful everyday for the bond that we have, for the beautiful, intelligent, strong young woman Ava has become.

No one would have imagined Ava all grown up and supporting herself in the big city, not even herself, but boy if she wants something, she’s going to get it!  She doesn’t ask me for help, although I certainly wouldn’t mind.  Ava probably has more in her savings than I do at this point.  She’s become an entrepreneur, my business partner and my best friend.  Really, when something happens, she’s the first one I think to call.  When I need her, she’s always on the next available train home.  Nothing makes me feel more special.

Ava is my mini me, or as I like to say, a better version of me.  Anyone who knows her, knows she’s kind hearted, very funny, ultimately sarcastic and a definite go getter.  She has an amazing work ethic and is always looking to improve herself.

I couldn’t be more proud of her.  I hope you’ll all take a moment out of your day to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I’m off to spend the day with Ava, eating, shopping & maybe a little bit of wine :)

Happy Birthday Ava Bean!  I love you with all my  heart!

xoxoxox Mom