Well there, if you live on the East Coast with us, chances are your Halloween is also postponed until next week. Mother Nature must have developed a recent grudge against the holiday as this is the second year in a row it’s been threatened.

We’re so confused, we didn’t know if last night was mischief night (yes, we still toilet paper the tree in our front yard) or if we’re waiting till next Tuesday. :) We opted to wait

Before Sandy hit, we were able to enjoy some fun this weekend at my good friend Corrine’s house.  I don’t care what age you are, it’s always fun to dress up.  There were some awesome costumes there, I wish I took pictures, but we didn’t stay long as we had an early call for work the next day.  Here’s my descriptives on the two best costumes I saw.  One was a victorian woman in a beautiful pink dress complete with lacing up the back, ruffled under garments, gloves and big blonde wig and matching shoes.  I couldn’t stop staring at her.  The other was a gentleman dressed in the vein of Jim Carey’s character in The Mask.  He was wearing a bright yellow and black pinstriped suit, hat and face makeup.  Genius!  One day, I’m going to put some thought into my costume past the day of perusing in the local popups.  Mark and I opted for an inexpensive play on this seasons American Horror Story as the nun and the priest.  I did get a kick out of John’s costume, Corrine’s husband.  They’re big sports fans so it was fitting for him to be a coach, it’s the roly poly thing that got me.

As for today, our local orchard, Bishop’s is hosting a free pumpkin carving event from 10-1.  They’re asking that participants donate to those affected by the storm.  What a great idea, something to keep us busy, get us out and help our neighbors.  I’ll definitely be going back to the gym today after some family fun.  How I’ve missed it!

If you’re able to celebrate Halloween today, we hope you have a great time!  Share your costumes with us, we love to see your creativity.  Stay away from the candy :)