And for those of you that know me, you know I don’t HAVE a boyfriend.  The relationship I am referring to is the one with New York City (yeah, I just went all Carrie B on you.  Get used to it)  I’m going on 4 years, and from what I hear, this is when the real strength of the relationship is tested.  Lately, I have been pissed off at the city.  Hot, muggy, no beach in sight, costing me a fortune and providing me with more stress than I ever thought possible.  I think, JEEZ, is this worth it?!!

Then I have moments like today, when I’m on the subway sympathizing with my fellow passengers as the looks on their faces mirror the misery that I feel, and a trio of homeless people start singing “Stand By Me”.  One of them is banging away on a bongo and the sound is SO uplifting, I see everyone’s mood shift.  One lady I caught eye contact with even said “Hey, at least they got everybody smiling”.  So, so true.

This little epiphany continues as I exit the subway in the CRAZINESS of Times Square.  There’s billions of tourists, horses with cops attached, bright city lights and I think to myself “I LIVE HERE!”.  These people flew thousands of miles to come to the city that I LIVE IN.  I admit I’ve started to take it for granted and question my desire to be here, but after taking a second to stop and look around I realize that I won’t get this kind of living anywhere else, and start to see how lucky I am.

At the same token, I’ve never once thought about moving back to Connecticut with my fam.  This is where I belong and I’ve known it since the day I moved here.  We may be in a fight, but NYC is the best boyfriend I could ever ask for.  I’m pushed to the point where I think I can’t take it anymore, because “he” knows I WILL see the big picture and come out stronger than I went in.  NYC helps me be tough, build character, and learn to take shit from no one.  If you ask me, I’m the luckiest girlfriend in the world :)